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BDA Wales

We provide first local point of contact for BDA members living and working in Wales, as well as providing strategic support and advice to BDA committees in Wales. 


News and updates

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28 June 19
​Access for New Patients to NHS and Private Dentistry in Wales in 2019 - survey of all practices by BDA Wales

​21 March 19

Urgent update: orthodontic contracts in Wales

​2 Nov 18

​Welsh Government must ensure 5 hour queues don't become the new normal

​27 Sept 18 

News - The Postcode Lottery of care: 90-mile treks for dentist as £20m lost from NHS services 

​29 Nov 18

​Regulations for private dentistry in Wales: HIW registration deadline reminder and BDA guidance

​18 Oct 18

New regulations for private dentistry in Wales: don't miss the deadline

​6 Sept 18

Designed to Smile being spread too thin warn dentists

8 Aug 18

Welsh Government's creative accounting does not equal new investment



Oral Health of Older People. April 2017 / Briff Polisi: Iechyd y Geg ar gyfer pobl hŷn. Ebrill 2017 

Older people in Wales deserve to have all of their health needs met, including oral health. The maintenance of good oral health is crucial to overall well-being. Poor oral health leads to pain and infection, irrespective of whether the person has dentures of not. With more elderly people now maintaining their natural teeth, it is important that oral health is maintained to avoid pain, miscommunication and to better their overall health. 

​Contract Reform Policy Briefing. March 2017 / Briff Polisi: Diwygio Contract. Mawrth 2017 

The current UDA contract is bad for dentists and patients alike. Dentists are restricted in the time they can spend with patients as they are forced to chase targets. BDA Wales believes that NHS dentistry needs to be focused on prevention. The oral health of children and adults in Wales remains in a poor state, and could be greatly improved by better education and preventative care. This can only be delivered if the current contract is reformed.

Sugar Levy Policy Briefing. January 2017 / Papur briffio ar bolisi: Yr ardoll siwgr. Ionawr 2017

BDA Wales believes the Welsh government has an opportunity to greatly improve the oral health of children in Wales. Investing a proportion of revenue raised by the sugar levy in children's oral health will help to stop Welsh children from suffering oral health inequalities and associated disadvantages. Parliament is focussing solely on the recommended amount of exercise by proposing spending levy revenue on sports activities. However, the number of Welsh children meeting the required physical activity levels is double that of children in England. Therefore, the Welsh government should also address the area of children's oral health.​

​Improving oral health for all in Wales: our manifesto 2016

We are calling on prospective Assembly Members for the May 2016 Welsh Government elections to pledge their support for our five-point plan to improve oral health in Wales. Dentists are encouraged to get involved and highlight to their local candidates standing the challenges that dentistry faces in Wales.



The Welsh Assembly’s Health, Social Care and Sport Committee’s Inquiry into Dentistry in Wales 2018 / Ymchwiliad Pwyllgor Iechyd, Gofal Cymdeithasol a Chwaraeon Cynulliad Cymru i Ddeintyddiaeth yng Nghymru 2018

BDA Wales gave evidence of the clawback and handback that is experienced by dentists in Wales. Access to NHS dentistry in Wales was also discussed as well as the orthodontic services. BDA Wales made multiple recommendations covering the GDS contract, Workforce and Oral Health Programmes.

Consultation on the proposed Autism (Wales) Bill. 17 November 2017

​​Guidance on handling individual cases to protect children and adults at risk. 25 April 2017 /

Canllawiau ynghylch trin achosion unigol i ddiogelu plant ac oedolion agored i niwed. 25 Ebrill 2017

BDA Wales suggested​ the addition of a Safeguarding Champion to be appointed. Practitioners will be more likely to report a potentially at risk child if they have consulted with a colleague who has advised them on their concern. Children and vulnerable adults ​at risk could slip through the net if the first step is to report that they are at risk and a practitioner is unsure if it is the right move.

​​Draft National Dementia Strategy. 3 April 2017 / Drafft strategaeth ddementia genedlaethol. 3 Ebrill 2017

BDA Wales highlighted that oral health problems are difficult to detect in someone with dementia and can result in refusal to eat, disturbed sleep, aggressive behaviour and refusal to take part in daily activities. Carers should receive oral health training so they know how to maintain the oral health of a person with Dementia.

First 1000 Days Consultation. 3 February 2017 / Ymgynghoriad y 1000 Diwrnod Cyntaf. 3 Chwefror 2017​ 

BDA Wales stated the link of low birth weights and pre term deliveries in mothers with poor oral hygiene. It is vital that pregnant women take care of their oral health for the overall health of themselves and their child. BDA Wales also stated that from the age of 6 months children should have regular dentist visits and should be using fluoride toothpaste twice daily.

Primary Care Consultation. 3 February 2017 / Ymgynghoriad Gofal sylfaenol. 3 Chwefror 2017

BDA Wales stated that clusters are very GP focused and highlighted the fact that dentists do not have protected time to create projects the same way GPs do. BDA Wales also suggested a nonmedical primary care cluster system be trialled. 


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