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The new library display for October-December 2013 is all about business.


We have a varied collection of resources that cover all aspects of business:

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Books in focus

BookinFocusBrillant_Page_1.jpgBrilliant time management - what the most productive people know, do and say

Mike Clayton
Pearson Education Ltd, 2011

Whether it’s getting on top of your workload, finding the time to start something new or simply making more time to relax, Brilliant Time Management will help you to get there.

Based on over 20 years of managing time effectively, Mike Clayton shares winning principles that helped him launch two successful businesses, lead and manage teams of people, juggle a busy family life with a demanding career, and much more.

There are eleven themed chapters within this book to help understand:

  • attitude to time

  • prioritising

  • keeping to goals and

  • a proactive approach to getting things done. 

Discover how to take control of your time and achieve more than you ever thought possible – with time to spare.

This book is available to borrow from the BDA library.

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Assertiveness: how to be strong in every situation

Conrad Potts and Suzanne Potts
Capstone, 2013




Assertiveness is not about always getting your own way, or being more forceful. It is about achieving a "win-win" outcome in all your social interactions, standing up for your rights in a way which does not violate another person’s rights, and expressing yourself openly and without manipulation.

This book takes you through the three ways of behaving:

  • aggressive
  • passive
  • assertive

and shows you how to change your mindset in order to behave assertively as a matter of course. There are also specific sections devoted to getting the best out of people at work and dealing with difficult people or conflict situations, which give coping strategies which can be readily applied to daily life.

This book is an excellent choice for anyone who would like to improve their interactions with colleagues and patients, or who would like to feel more self-assured in meetings or social situations.

This book is available to borrow from the BDA library.


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