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The good news: Fair pay and Young Dentist Groups

Blog Author Harman Chahal

Blog Date 24/08/2017



We are nearing the end of the summer break and the traffic will increase on the roads as the schools open up again. There must be some good news…

The DDRB have recommended a contract uplift of 1.14%. This is good news, right? Well, kind of. This paltry uplift in light of the downward trend of associate pay in the NHS gives little assistance to those who have seen their pay packets decline. But will associates see this uplift?

Henrik Overgaard Nielsen, Chair of the General Dental Practice Committee gives his Committee’s view on the situation. Each practice will have to look at their own circumstances and decide how it is apportioned. Where associates do not see this happening, they will need to bring this to the attention of the practice owner.

Dentistry is an odd business where associates seem to go year on year without having their remuneration reviewed. Perhaps it’s time to rethink this culture.

By reviewing the associate performance and that of the practice on a regular basis, practice owners can see which associates are bringing value to the practice and can look to retain them proactively. This is important in a climate where many practices are struggling to find good associates. 

These actions woul​​d be attractive to any prospective associate. Sometimes associates will have to take matters into their own hands and start the conversation themselves.


There is a BDA guide to how to ask for a pay rise (a delicate dance!) on our website. We would love to hear about your experience with this.

Other good news include the re-establishment of the South Mercia Young Dentist Group (YDG). Abeera Imran has been instrumental in re-establishing this group and she has written about the process she went through. 

I hope this will help others out there who want to set up a local YDG​ where none exists or to reinvigorate a languishing one. It is the perfect way to link up with other local young dentists to speak about issues of concern and to look at ways to collaborate to resolve these. After all, that is what the BDA is about – an organisation run by dentists for dentists.

Harman-Chahal-preferred-thubnail.jpgHarman Chahal

Chair, Young Dentists Committee