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​CPD compliance statements – nearly 900 DCPs' registration at risk

12 September 2018


Up to 900 DCPs could be risking removal from the register, the GDC has warned. All dental care professionals on the 2013-18 CPD cycle, which ended on 31 July 2018, were required to make a compliant CPD statement by 28 August 2018. After the deadline had passed, there were nearly 900 non-compliant DCPs who the regulator was still trying to contact.


We would like to encourage DCPs and dental practices to check urgently if they or their staff members reached the end of their CPD cycle this summer and, if so, if they have made their CPD end-of-cycle statement. Non-compliant dental care professionals are likely to be taken off the register in the next few weeks if they do not take further action. If they continue to work in the practice under such circumstances, this will effectively be illegal practice with additional possible future ramifications.


On 17 September, the GDC will write to all those who have not made a statement and anyone who has made a non-compliant CPD statement, to explain the options available for those who wish to remain on the Register.


The GDC can be contacted at or on 020 7167 6000 to answer questions and provide further information or advice.


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