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​Dental partnerships and limited company practices in England: do you have a registered manager?

24 July 2017


The BDA is reminding dentists who operate as a partnership or a limited company in England, that they must have an officially-recognised registered manager, to be compliant with Care Quality Commission (CQC) regulations.


This requirement has been in force since dentistry came under the scope of the CQC in April 2011. Failure to meet the requirement could invoke a fixed penalty notice of £4,000.


Essentially, all dental practices which operate as a 'proper partnership' or as a limited company are required to have a registered manager; individual providers (sole traders) do not on the whole.

This is a reminder, as it has come to light that there may be some providers who should have a registered manager but currently do not.


How do I apply to be a registered manager?

Those who wish to be recognised by the CQC as a registered manager, can apply online.


Need more help?

BDA Extra or Expert members can contact the BDA's Compliance Team for further information on or telephone 020 7563 4572.