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Scotland: Guidance on payment queries to Practitioner Services Division

02 September 2020


We recently met with Practitioner Services Division (PSD) officials on your behalf and can provide some clarity on the process of querying COVID-19 support payments.


At this time, PSD continues to receive between 500-600 queries from dentists a month about the Scottish Government's NHS support funding package and how it relates to their individual circumstances. They deal with such queries in the order they are received, some of which are complex and time-consuming to resolve. Therefore, it may take some time to receive a response.


PSD has advised that around 90% of queries from dentists result in no change in payment. They also note that sending multiple queries about the same issue can slow down the assessment process.


Members are reminded of the importance of completing PSD information request forms accurately, and to only send from an NHS email account or from the contact details (email, phone number) that were registered with PSD.


Our Scottish Dental Practice Committee representatives previously peer-reviewed PSD's process for calculating the financial support payments to individual practitioners. They were satisfied that the PSD approach was fair and transparent, and commended PSD on their efforts to address dentists' queries.


If you would like more information relating to payment queries and PSD, please see PSD's COVID-19 FAQs.