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Our website is currently offline

On 30 July, we were targeted by a sophisticated cyber-attack. As a precaution, we took some of our systems offline, including our website.

Thanks to extensive continuity planning, our IT team has already rebuilt our systems on a new network, removing the risk of the malware responsible for this attack. We are therefore aiming for our day-to-day support services to be available to members and the broader profession as early as next week.

In the meantime, we are on hand to provide initial support to members about day-to-day enquiries. Our advice teams are operating via email and our phone lines have reopened.

Please contact us using the email addresses below:

Indemnity policyholders:

Membership enquiries:

Advice and guidance:

Webinar bookings:

Website enquiries:

Media enquiries: (or call 020 7563 4145)

Or you can call us on 020 7935 0875.

Please note that at this stage our teams cannot give any further information about the cyber incident, so please keep an eye on this page for related updates.

About the incident

We have been working hard, alongside a number of third-party experts including forensic IT specialists, to determine the nature of the criminal activity. At present we don’t know what information may have been compromised but we are working to conclude the investigations as soon as possible. However, the evidence now available suggests that the data extracted relates to a very small snapshot of the total data stored on our servers.

We have already informed The Information Commissioner’s Office and the police.

Actions you may wish to take

As a precaution, we notified members and other contacts about this incident and we will be sending further communications to anyone whose information may have been impacted.

In the meantime, it is important you all stay vigilant and there are a number of actions members may wish to take as a precaution:

This page remains the best place to find updates about the incident and our services, so please check back here regularly for further information.

Finally, thank you for the many messages of support that we have received and for your patience with regards to this matter.

The BDA team