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Entity Cover

If you run your dental business as a limited company or entity you can face claims of vicarious liability either individually or jointly with others. A patient’s claim could cite the treating dentist or the name of a limited company.

We'll protect your business like we protect you. 

Add your limited company to your policy.


Please complete the application form and return it to to apply 


About the cover:

  • Occurrence-based and contractual, for continued peace of mind 
  • Extends the features of your policy to the business 
  • Can retrospectively start at the time your personal policy did. 

Available to BDA Indemnity policyholders who are limited company shareholders(s) with 50% or more shares in the limited company to be covered. Entities with an annual turnover of up to £2 million are able to get an immediate quotation. RSA will review cover for entities that have an annual turnover of over £2 million.


Please note that calls will be recorded for regulatory compliance, training and monitoring purposes. 


Read our FAQs for more information.