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Am I eligible for cover?

If you're a BDA member and a registered dentist working in the UK, then you're eligible to apply.


To qualify to apply for cover, your work status must correlate with the following membership tiers:


Members that are​​​​​​​:
Must have the following membership package to be eligible to apply:​


Members who are exclusively hospital/community/university/defence service employed. Also for those whose work in dentistry is non-clinical in nature.

Members who are self-employed and engaged to provide treatment to patients but do not own a stake in a practice.

​Practice owners

Members who can do a mix of work, but have a stake in a practice.

Includes: practice owner; employer of any practice staff; registered provider or manager in the practice’s registration with the Care Quality Commission (or equivalent position in respect of HIW in Wales, HIS in Scotland or RQIA in Northern Ireland); responsible person in relation to any aspect of compliance with a legal requirement (for example, the Information Commissioner’s Office)



Your premium is calculated using this information. Any incorrect or incomplete information could invalidate all or part of your policy and cause any claims to be rejected or not fully paid.

You have not:


  • been declared bankrupt or insolvent either as a private individual or in connection with any business

  • been the subject of a county court judgement in respect of debt either as a private individual or in connection with any business

  • been an officer of a company that has been declared insolvent, or had a receiver or liquidator appointed, or entered into arrangements with creditors in accordance with the Insolvency Act 1986 or any subsequent legislation

  • been disqualified under the Company Directors Disqualification Act 1986 or any subsequent legislation

  • been convicted of or charged with but not yet tried for a criminal offence other than a motoring offence

  • had an insurance contract cancelled or declared void or a claim repudiated or renewal refused due to breach of a policy condition or due to non-disclosure or mis-description or misrepresentation of a material circumstance

  • had insurance cover restricted or cancelled or renewal refused due to non­compliance with risk improvement requirements. 

If you don’t agree with any of the relevant statements above, please contact us on 020 7535 5858 to speak to a member of the team who can help with your specific needs.


Why does the membership tier matter? 

If you’re an associate or practice owner you’ll need to have either Extra or Expert membership (respectively) with us to be eligible to apply for this cover.

Our pricing takes into account the resources that come with your membership.

The range of services available to dentists with Extra or Expert membership is second to none and highly regarded. Our one-to-one advisory and support services guide members through tricky times, and the template policies available to Expert members make compliance with national standards straightforward.
Access to this support before things go wrong decreases the risk profile, and because of this, we’ve been able to price the indemnity cover fairly.

We're here to help

If you need to upgrade your membership to take advantage of our indemnity cover please call 

020 7563 4550 or email


Have the relevant package?

Get an indicative quote and apply.

Need to upgrade your membership?

Get an indicative quote. If you like what you see call 020 7563 4550 to upgrade your membership then apply for cover.


Not yet a BDA Member?

Get an indicative quote first. Please join us before applying and purchasing your indemnity cover.
If you join the BDA to take advantage of the indemnity cover but your application is unsuccessful, we will refund your membership fee. If you upgrade from one package to another to be eligible to purchase the cover then we will refund the difference and revert your membership to the original package.   

Are there any exceptions? 

Dental care professionals are not registered dentists, so they are not eligible to access this policy. However, in cases where the owner of a practice has cover, any registered dental nurses in their employment, will be covered as standard for claims for compensation.
Oral and maxillofacial (OMF) surgeons who carry out procedures within the scope of the specialty of OMF surgery, and who are dually registered with both the GMC and GDC, are not eligible to access the policy. This is because they undertake procedures far removed from the practice of dentistry. Accordingly, we believe that oral and maxillofacial surgery should rightly be indemnified by medical indemnifiers.  ​

Please note that calls will be recorded for regulatory compliance, training and monitoring purposes.