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Certificate of Merit for Services to the Profession

This award recognises any special service at any level of dentistry either nationally or internationally. Generally it is reserved for dentists and other persons who have contributed to academic or other work in furthering the profession, or individuals active in promoting advancements within the dental profession.

The list below details those who have been recognised with this award.



​Paul David Cheshire
​Ian Wilson
​Gary Irvine
​Mary Farnell
​Geoffrey Wood​​2014
Peter Farrelly​2013
Martyn Green​2013
David Croser​2012
Mervyn Druian​2012
Lance Hale​2011
Russ Ladwa​2011
Janet Speechley​2011
Michael Nelson​2010
Ludwik Seath​2010
​Jane Armitage
Bridget Ashton​2009
Glenys Bridges​2009
Joseph Eisenberg
Ashiq Ghauri​2009
Eric Stanley Nash​2009
Malcolm Prideaux​2009
Kenneth Stark​2009