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Chief Executive Martin Woodrow leads a team of approximately 130 staff around the UK.

Chief Executive

Martin Woodrow
Martin Woodrow
Chief Executive

​The Chief Executive is responsible for overseeing the work of the Association and offices located in the countries of the United Kingdom. The Chief Executive’s Office is responsible for the offices of BDA President and Chairman of the Board (known as the Principal Executive Committee or PEC).


The Chief Executive and Senior Management Team supports and guide the PEC in developing the strategic direction of the Association, provide operational leadership to the organisation and support our teams in delivering their objectives.


​Member Services

The Chief Executive also directly manages the work of the Member Services Directorate.


The directorate has responsibility for all aspects of policy research, analysis and development. It develops strong working relations with external stakeholders to ensure effective, independent and evidence based policies for the Association.


It also has responsibility for development of good practice, appropriate governance arrangements and the management of the Association's decision-making committees through the provision of secretariat services.


The directorate is also responsible for media, public and parliamentary relations.


It also incorporates the BDA’s teams in the devolved national offices.


Business Services

The Business Services Directorate is responsible for the successful operation of the Association.


Richard Shilling

Richard Shilling


​The directorate is responsible for developing and maintaining the Association's advisory services for members, with reference to UK and European law, NHS and private practice and professional regulations and guidance. It develops and maintains individual support for employed and self-employed members, and development of the Association's quality assurance scheme – BDA Good Practice.

The directorate is also responsible for our educational offering to members, non-member dentists and dental care professionals, with the aim of establishing the Association as the principal source of high quality professional learning and development – this includes provision of a range of seminars and events. The needs of our member communities, both local and regional, are also served through the Directorate, in particular our Branches and Sections.


The Business Services Directorate provides support and internal infrastructure services to members, officers and staff. Its role is to anticipate needs and provide services in facilities management, finance and information technology which meet best-practice standards. It maintains the Association's data systems, its financial, activity and membership information and is responsible for its accurate reporting and data protection. A key role of the Directorate is to maintain, safe-guard and develop the Association's assets for the long term and to monitor its financial performance in the short and medium term.


The Directorate is responsible for marketing relating to membership, products and services, and for driving attendance at the Association's paid-for events and conferences. It also oversees the Association's relations with the dental industry and our financial partner Lloyd & Whyte. The Member Relations team is the first port of call for general membership queries, including the processing of memberships, renewals, cancellations, upgrades and downgrades. It is also responsible for BDA Shop sales and for driving and supporting student members.


The Directorate also incorporates the human resources team which is responsible for recruitment and selection, training, employee relations, people management issues and policy development within the Association.


Head office 

Head office

Located in the heart of London’s medical quarter, the BDA's head office was opened by the late Queen Elizabeth II in 1967.


64 Wimpole Street has a variety of facilities for dentist members and non-members, from an extensive members only librarydental museum and a modern venue for meetings and events for hire


BDA Northern Ireland

Tristen Kelso
Tristen Kelso
National Director

​BDA Northern Ireland is led by Tristen Kelso and represents the interests of dentists in Northern Ireland.


BDA Northern Ireland, based at The Mount in Belfast, represents and supports dentists in all branches of dentistry in Northern Ireland. Locally it is recognised by the Department of Health and the Northern Ireland Assembly as having the status and authority to negotiate on behalf of the dental profession.


BDA Scotland

Philip Grigor

Charlotte Waite 

National Director

BDA Scotland is led by Charlotte Waite and represents the interests of dentists in Scotland.


Provide guidance to members on remuneration, terms and conditions of service and regulatory matters relating to Scotland, involved in negotiations with the Scottish Government Health Directorates on behalf of the profession and raises awareness and lobbies members of Scottish Parliament on issues related to dentistry.


BDA Wales

Caroline Seddon
Caroline Seddon
National Director

BDA Wales is led by National Director Caroline Seddon and represents the interests of dentists in Wales.


BDA Wales, based in Cardiff Bay near to the Senedd Cymru, represents and supports dentists in Wales. The Welsh General Dental Practice Committee and the Welsh Committee for Community Dentistry are recognised by Welsh Government and by the Senedd as having the authority to represent dentists and to negotiate on behalf of the dental profession.



Elected Officers

Eddie Crouch
​Eddie Crouch

The BDA has just one decision making body: the board, usually referred to as the PEC.


Our elected officers include the board Chair, Eddie Crouch.​


​In these capacities the board agrees the strategy, policy and business operational plans for the Association, and holds the Chief Executive and his staff to account for their implementation.