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Monday 13 July

Hard to swallow: Dentist's £40 PPE bill

The Times reports that while NHS dental charges remain the same, now that dentists have re-opened, private dentists may increase their charges. The article highlights that this is being driven by huge increases in costs of personal protective equipment (PPE), due to covid and the limited number of patients that can now be seen in a day by a dentist. BUPA is leading the way for private dental providers with a £40 'covid safety tariff', for patients who require aerosol generating procedures (AGP), such as fillings, and a £7 extra charge for a routine check-up. This is due to the increased protection that dentists require to perform AGPs and the increased costs of social distancing. There was concern that increased charges would deter some patients. 

Carmel McHenry from the BDA, explains that PPE costs for dentists have increased by 6000% since the start of the crisis, and that the increased overheads, from being able to see less patients each day, means private dentists will likely be forced to increase their charges.

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