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Updates from week commencing 23 January 2023

Read all the updates that took place throughout this week.

Friday 27 January 2023


Video: Monthly round-up

In our latest video CEO Martin Woodrow highlights the ways we've been supporting you as we enter the New Year.

You can read the full stories outlined in the video here:

We will keep you updated as we continue to push for progress on these areas and for meaningful, long-term contract reform.




World Cancer Day

Saturday 28 January is World Cancer Day. As we know, dental professionals play a crucial role in ensuring oral cancers are detected early.

In the UK, 8,846 people were diagnosed with mouth cancer in 2021. Our goal is to provide you with the resources needed to help you identify and refer possible cases. Our oral cancer detection toolkit, developed in conjunction with Cancer Research UK, includes a referral decision guide to illustrate the red flags that should prompt a referral.

If you're looking to get involved here are some useful materials and resources to help you take action.


Northern Ireland: Welcoming new Branch President

100 years after the formation of the Association's Northern Ireland Branch, Philip McLorinan is being appointed the latest NI Branch President today.

In his recent blog Philip discusses his CPD offering in the 2023 programme, focussing on a wide range of face-to-face meetings and a range of educational and social events.

The profession has faced a challenging couple of years. However, through several social events open to members and non-members, the new 2023 branch programme aims to offer clinicians opportunities to connect, support each other, and build stronger relationships.

Thursday 26 January 2023


BDJ: Increasing cancer awareness and detection

The latest BDJ issue explores 3D printed dentures, looked after children, and recruitment and retention in UK dentistry.


Articles include:


Dentists: make your CPD declarations

The deadline to make your CPD declarations for the past year is 28 January 2023. We are reminding dentists of this deadline and urging you to ensure that you declare the correct hours.


Dentists are required to undertake 100 verifiable hours of CPD over the course of their cycle. However, you must also ensure to declare a minimum of 10 hours over the span of two years to comply. While the full number of required hours at the end of the cycle is important, it's also vital to remember the two-year requirement. This is because during any year in your cycle where you don't comply with the 10-hour requirement, you will be non-compliant with the formal CPD requirements and will receive a breach notice which is likely to lead to being taken off the register.


If you do not make your declaration in time or do not comply with the requirements, the restoration process after being taken off the register for non-compliance with CPD requirements is lengthy, with serious consequences. We advise all dentists to check whether declarations have been made and urge you to do so by the deadline.



Wednesday 25 January 2023


Health Assured Mental Health Hour

All our members have access to Health Assured, a confidential service offering expert advice to help you deal with personal and professional problems that are affecting your wellbeing.

On Thursday 26 January, Health Assured are holding a Mental Health Hour on Instagram with counsellors answering your questions on the subject of achieving goals.

All your questions are welcome, from working on health goals and sticking to a new habit to what to do when you fall off track.

Tuesday 24 January 2023


Scotland: New figures reveal depth of access crisis


Figures out today show why the Scottish Government must step up, with little of a recovery in patient attendance and ever-widening health inequalities.

Barely half of all registered patients had seen an NHS dentist within the last 24 months to September 2022 - down on levels seen in the two previous years. The gap in participation for children in the most and least deprived areas has also hit a record high. Registered patient numbers remain high simply because of lifetime registration.


We're stressing the service faces an exodus, if meaningful reform isn't delivered before the last of pandemic support is cut on 1 April 2023. "Patient participation remains on the floor, and inequalities are set to widen" says SDPC Chair David McColl. "Dentists are reconsidering their futures working in a broken system. NHS dentistry is on the critical list, and real reform won't wait."




England: Funded over-delivery to 110%


NHS England has confirmed that funding will be available to support any primary care dental contractor delivering mandatory services to deliver up to 110% of contract value without needing to secure specific agreement from commissioners.  


This will be paid at the contract's normal UDA value and, where this has been increased to the new minimum value of £23 this financial year, the over-delivery will be paid at this rate.  


We had pushed for NHS England to allow this flexibility for practitioners able to fulfil additional activity and to do so without the need for bureaucratic individual applications to commissioners. Nonetheless, we remain concerned about the majority of practices who are struggling to deliver NHS activity.



Monday 23 January 2023


Wales: LDCs unanimously back open letter

The Chairs of the Local Dental Committees in Wales have written to the Chief Dental Officer, Prof Andrew Dickenson, backing our recent open letter addressing our concerns about the future of NHS dentistry.

We are deeply concerned about levels of clawback and unrealistic targets set by the Government. It is increasingly likely that the uncertainty from the extended reconciliation process will continue into the summer, leaving practices in financial limbo.

We shall continue to work in support of the contract reform process, ensuring that your voice is heard.




BDJ Jobs: Working to help you 

Sustaining a successful practice, recruiting new staff and providing the highest level of care to your patients may feel like a challenge.

We want to better understand how we can support you, whether you're recruiting or looking for employment, we are undertaking a survey for our members to share your views and experiences. 

The BDJ Jobs Survey takes about 10 minutes to complete, please share the link with any colleagues who can also provide feedback. Your responses will directly help BDJ Jobs update and improve the services that are provided to you.





Raising awareness of HPV risks during Cervical Cancer Prevention Week


Cervical Cancer Prevention Week aims to encourage the public to attend cervical screening, get treated for cell changes and receive the Human Papillomavirus (HPV) vaccination. Along with causing cervical cancer, HPV is also one of the main three causes of cancers of the mouth and throat. 

It's one of the fastest rising types of cancer, with 8,846 people in the UK diagnosed with mouth cancer in 2021. However, it remains one of the most preventable cancers, as around 90% of all oral cancer cases are avoidable.


As the only health professionals regularly seeing healthy patients, dentists play a vital role in early detection. In conjunction with Cancer Research UK, we have created an oral cancer toolkit to help identify the early signs of oral cancer. Having an open conversation with your patients about the risk factors is vital.