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Monday 21 September 2020

Dentists rail against trend to trim teeth with a nail file

A Tik Tok video promoting a DIY approach to trimming uneven teeth has triggered a warning bell among dentists, including the BDA’s scientific adviser, Professor Damien Walmsley. He said that filing your teeth with a nail file can permanently damage the structure of your teeth, and possibly make it more prone to tooth decay. With enamel, once you break through the nice smooth parts, you’re opening it up to all sorts of damage and you’re on a slippery slope to problems you could see for the rest of your life,” Professor Walmsley told Yahoo UK. He went on to explain that enamel is a little like a crystal structure, naturally smooth on the outside, but if you start breaking through, bacteria will have a much better way of getting into the tooth, causing decay. Teeth are brittle, he said, so if you file them and the crystal gets unsupported they could start fracturing more. “It is potentially opening them up to problems in years to come when they may need the teeth to be repaired.”


Richard Marques advised people to see their dentist if they are concerned about the shape of their teeth. “I would advise anyone looking to smooth or alter the appearance of their teeth to visit their dentist who can advise on aesthetic procedures such as bonding, contouring, veneers or teeth straightening,” he said. That’s advice echoed by Professor Walmsley. “If your teeth are uneven and you’re unhappy about it, then you need to go and visit a dentist who will be able to advise on the best way to proceed,” he says. “Yes, it'll cost you a little bit of money but at least you're in safe hands.”