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Returning to work

An updated edition of our toolkit for providing care in the context of COVID-19 is now available.
It is designed to support you and your team to practise as safely and efficiently as possible. 

This latest version for England - published 30 October - includes the latest on AGPs, fallow time, air changes and risk assessment for pregnant staff, as well as advice on job retention and the workers support schemes.


Download the toolkit for England


We have adapted our toolkit for members in Scotland. It is designed to complement the SDCEP guidance, and contains additional practical advice on various issues, including indemnity, employment relations, and staff terms and conditions. Updated 5 November.



We have adapted our toolkit for members in Wales. It is to be used alongside the Welsh Government’s guidance to help dental teams complete ACORN forms for patients, both routine and urgent. Updated 5 November.


Download the toolkit for Wales



Northern Ireland

Our NI team and committees have been heavily involved in the production of government guidance. Where comprehensive guidance already exists, we don’t want make the lives of members more complicated by asking them to read or comply with more than is necessary.


The following resources will also help you and your staff get to grips with dentistry’s temporary situation:


Patient communications and COVID-19

As we enter the second national lockdown, patients understandably have questions about dental practices being open.


We’ve updated our advice for patients page to help them understand the situation for our profession.


Members can download some communication assets to help your patients during this time:


Please feel free to direct your patients to:



Practice management and COVID-19

  • Notice for your practice: Print and display this notice in your window to help the local community understand the next stage in the re-opening of dental practices
  • Letter to your patients : Adapt this letter to keep your patients informed of when and how your practice will reopen from 8 June in England
  • Letter to furloughed staff : A model letter to help you notify staff that their furloughed leave is coming to an end
  • Letter to staff returning part-time : A model letter to help you notify staff that they are returning part-time and remaining on furloughed leave for the remainder of the time
  • Remote consultation guidance : Advice on how to triage and consult patients over the phone


Risk assessment and COVID-19


PPE and COVID-19


Further resources