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Student Committee

The Student Committee represents the opinions and concerns of UK dental students. It ensures student opinions are incorporated into wider BDA activities and policy development.

​What issues does the committee work on?

It has won important battles for young dentists:


  • successfully campaigned for the timing of Dental Foundation Training assessments to be retained in the autumn term of the final year
  •  continuing to campaign for all eligible UK graduates to have access to foundation and vocational training places
  • fought to overturn the proposed £2,000 pay cut for foundation dentists. New graduates also receive a 1% pay rise each year. Dental graduate pay in England, Wales and Northern Ireland for 2017/18 is now £31,355.


Who sits on the Student Committee?

The Student Committee is made up of an Executive Committee, plus two BDA representatives from each of the UK dental schools.


The student reps have dual roles, representing two organisations:

1. To sit on the BDA Student Committee to represent students at their dental school and deal with political matters.
2. To sit on the British Dental Students' Association (BDSA) Committee to support the two annual BDSA social events.

The BDA and BDSA are separate organisations, but work closely together. Political work is done by the BDA Students' Committee. Whilst the BDSA arrange national social events.

The committee is chaired by Dr Paul Blaylock. The BDSA President is the vice chair. The BDSA Executive also forms the Student Committee Executive. It contains five members and is voted in at the annual general meeting which takes place at the BDSA conference.


Want to get involved?

There are two meetings a year at the BDA offices in London: spring and autumn. The most recent meeting was on Saturday 14 September 2019.


Student Manifesto

We work hard to promote the interests of dental students. Our Student Manifesto addresses the core concerns of dental students and aims to improve the situation for student dentists and ultimately patients.

Our policy priorities cover three areas:


  • Clinical experience and the dental school
  • Student finance
  • Dental Foundation Training

Contact us

If you have further questions, then either speak to your school BDA Representative or email