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BDA Manifesto 2017 - Putting Prevention First

Putting Prevention First - BDA Manifesto 2017 

Tooth decay – an almost entirely preventable condition – remains the leading cause of hospital admissions among children in the UK.

Prevention should be at the heart of any effective healthcare strategy. Yet successive governments have failed to provide dentists with the plans or priority to deliver on it.

We want to unlock that unrealised potential.

During this snap election dentists call on all parties to commit to an overarching oral health strategy, and for action on 6 key fronts that limit the service's ability to deliver on this vital agenda.

We call on government to:
  1. A National Programme End the patchwork of provision by supporting a truly national programme to tackle decay among children.
  2. Contracts Deliver an NHS contract system that rewards prevention.
  3. Funding Provide a fair funding settlement to make NHS dentistry viable.
  4. Brexit Guarantee the stability and sustainability of dentistry as the UK leaves the European Union.
  5. Sugar Ensure the Soft Drinks Industry Levy marks the beginning - not the end - of action on sugar.
  6. Regulation Fix a broken system that has failed patients and practitioners.


What can you do?

As a BDA member, you can play an active part in promoting your profession and finding out what your candidates think about the issues that are important to dentistry.

Please get in touch with your local candidates to explain to them the need for better oral health in the UK.

Contact with election candidates can be made through correspondence or in person.

We will be contacting every candidate and asking for their support for our manifesto, if every dentist in the UK does the same, they will have to listen to us.

Top tips for getting your voice heard
  • Use our manifesto: highlight our six key points to your candidates and explain what it means for you, and your patients in your particular area. Print it out and keep it by your front door to reference when candidates come calling.
  • Ask: if a candidate knocks on your door, challenge them to commit to at least one of the manifesto's priorities. If you attend a public meeting and your candidate is there, ask a question that makes them express their views on oral health and dentistry.
  • Tell us: we'd love to hear how you get on, please get in touch and tell us who you have spoken to and their response, it may help us to do collective lobbying and influencing following the election.