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​NHS org​anisational failures​

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A growing number of NHS dentists have reported a significant decline in the performance of key agencies during 2016, including NHS England, the Business Services Authority (BSA) and Primary Care Support England (PCSE).

There have been serious issues with PCSE’s subcontractor, Capita, who are managing entry onto the dental performers’ list, including long delays, issues getting attached to contracts and foundation dentists being added to the list. 

Earlier this year, BDA members reported concerns related to the processing of paper FP17 claims, including claims being rejected, incorrectly processed or not processed at all.

During the summer, members also reported additional issues with the Compass portal, including difficulties with the annual NHS superannuation reconciliation process, claims being rejected and continued errors in processing. ​

What is the BDA doing?

We are a member of the PCSE stakeholder forum and, along with other professional groups, we have been putting pressure on Capita to resolve all the issues.

Capita failures

We have won concessions from NHS England after failings by Capita over the summer of 2016, left many practitioners unable to attach performers to contracts. 

We have helped to secure an extension to the grace period for foundation dentists​ to formalise their inclusion in the National Performers List in England.

NHS England has now agreed to use of its executive powers to extend the grace period for the current cohort of foundation dentists until 31 January 2017 so that they can carry on working beyond 1 December.

NHS England and the BSA have said that performers can start working under a contract before being attached to it, this does not negate the requirement for the performer to have been submitted to the national performers list, before undertaking any NHS work.

Since May we have been highlighting the serious issues being experienced by dental practices in getting foundation dentists attached to the list, causing potential financial losses and stress to both performers and contract holders. 

NHS England wrote to us in October 2016, to acknowledge the concerns we have raised and they have apologised for the poor service that has been affecting our members.

We have been in daily contact with PCSE/Capita, highlighting individual ongoing problems and delays and trying to help find solutions. 

Compass failures

After much criticism from the BDA about the Compass system failures, the Business Services Authority confirmed they would relax the two-month deadline for dental practices to submit claims.

In a letter dated 3 March to the General Dental Practice Committee Chair Henrik Overgaard-Nielsen, the BSA admitted there were 'teething problems' with the new IT system and that these issues have affected some dentists' ability to submit claims and amend rejected claims

We have highlighted to the BSA the difficulties members are facing in processing their FP17 claims, and requested reassurance that dentists would not be penalised for the inaccurately processed claims.

Following the further issues over the summer, we raised our concerns again with the BSA and requested they are urgently resolved.

What can you do?

Evidence from our members has been instrumental in securing progress with NHS England. 

Have you been failed by NHS bodies? Please let us know ​to help make our case stronger.

Need help or support?

  • BDA Extra and Expert members can email BDA’s NHS advice team or call 020 7563 4550 for further advice and support.

  • BDA Extra and Expert members experiencing difficulties with the Compass system, are encouraged to report them to us so we can raise new issues with the BSA/NHS England, and we can help with clawback/breach notice issues.