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Principal Executive Committee ​voting

Ballot papers are in the process of being distributed for the following constituencies of the Principal Executive Committee; Eastern, North West and UK-wide. 
Please note that candidates can stand for both a UK-wide seat, and a local one if they live in that constituency, hence some names appearing twice. If a candidate wins their local contest they will be withdrawn from the UK-wide ballot list and votes for them re-cast accordingly.

Read candidates'​ statement in PEC 2017 Candidate statements​
Ballot forms must be returned to the scrutineer by noon on 30 November 2017.



​Jason Stokes​Hannah Woolnough

​North ​West

​John Edwards
John Mellor
​Barry Kinshuck
Stephen Shimb​erg

​UK Wi​de

​Peter Crooks
John Edwards
Leah Farrell
Sumair Khan
Stephen Shimberg
Hannah Woolnough
​Len D’Cruz
Richard Emms
Shareena Ilyas
Barry Kinshuck
Charlotte Waite​