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Young Dentists' Committee

Watch Harman Chahal, YDC Chair talking about the committee and it's work, as well as his thoughts on challenges facing new graduates, the skills needed in practice, the dental contract in England and how to influence change as a young dentist:


What does the YDC do?

The Young Dentists Committee aims to represent dentists who have been qualified for up to 10 years. The Committee is made up of a variety of young dentists who bring an enormous wealth of knowledge and experience to this group















The Committee champions the needs and wants of younger dentists in terms of policy making, political lobbying and generally improving the quality of working life for young dentists.

The YDC:

  • considers the needs of young dentists during their career (Up to 10 years post-graduation from first dental degree).

  • acts as a channel of communication within the BDA.

  • makes recommendations on behalf of young dentists.

  • identifies talent and provides continuity in the BDA

What types of issues do the YDC tackle?

Current YDC Executive members

Dr Harman Chahal - Chair

Dr Sami Stagnell - Vice Chair

Dr Ursala Jogezai - Vice Chair

Dr Kevin Dapaah - YDC Executive

Get involved locally and get informed

To get involved, the best place to start is in your local area. BDA Branches and Sections are a great place to meet other dentists and they offer clinical lectures, social events and other meetings. 

They offer opportunities to network with other practitioners in your local area and become more involved in and obtain a greater understanding of, the issues in your area. They are a great place to meet like-minded peers, as well as discovering potential mentors or future employers.

Some branches have specific Young Dentist Group (YDG). These groups are run by young dentists and are aimed at bringing younger members together in the local area for social events, clinical lectures and more.

Why not contact your local branch or young dentist group to get involved locally?

Got any feedback?

We'd love to hear your views, issues and any comments on how the BDA can support you as a young dentist, please email: Young Dentists.