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We are fighting for you

During the COVID-19 crisis, we've been unrelenting in our fight to protect dentists and patients and safeguard the future of dental surgeries.


We've lobbied, we've negotiated and we've secured results from the start. Together we are stronger and together we are making a difference.



Member advice, support and resources

We’ve provided tailored advice to our members during a crisis when dentists felt they had nowhere else to turn. We’ve worked hard to provide the latest information and guidance as soon as we have it. 



Speaking up for the profession

We've spoken to national and local media daily to represent you and your interests throughout this crisis. Here’s some of the headlines we’ve made speaking up for the profession:


  • BBC – “Coronavirus: Dentists facing ‘critical shortage of kit’”
  • Sunday Times – “One in five dental practices going down the tube”
  • Scotsman – “Dentists face health emergency as 101 MPs sign letter of support”
  • Financial Times – “UK dental association warns of 'crippling losses' for many dentists”
  • Mail on Sunday – “Dentists warn of shutdown”

  • The Daily Mirror – “1 in 5 dentists will go bust with no govt support”
  • The Daily Telegraph – “Dentistry staff saved after confusion over furlough scheme left surgeries on the brink”


Getting governments to listen


We’ve lobbied, negotiated and we’ve secured results.


  • We’ve secured a safety net for NHS contractors and their associates in all four UK nations
  • We’ve mobilised our members, getting nearly 200 MPs to press on the Chancellor to offer real support to self-employed dentists and private practice
  • We’ve gathered the evidence from thousands of members and taken directly to ministers and the media, on the practices and practitioners left exposed by government plans
  • We’ve put the safety of members and patients first, exposing the shortfall in Personal Protective Equipment at the emerging network of Urgent Dental Care Centres. 

Your Feedback

We’ve worked hard to fight for the profession and welcome your support.

"As a long-standing member and the owner of several practices, I’d like to congratulate you on the excellent representation thus far on the ‘COVID-19’ situation. Thank you for working so carefully for us."

"I just want to say thank you so, so much for all of your hard work on behalf of dentists... It means the world that you speak with clarity and rightly with anger during these uncertain times."


"Huge congratulations on the BDA’s activity and advice at the moment. Thank you. Very, very impressive."

"Respect to you guys for fighting the good fight. I stand with the BDA, proud member for 20+ years" – Twitter 

"Excellent service - I cannot praise high enough the service provided by Mr Michael Fenton.

His advisement was detailed, compassionate, no effort was spare to make complicated calculations easy to follow! Many thanks!" – Trustpilot

"Thank you BDA. I haven’t been a member for years but I will be rejoining later today." – Twitter

"Well done @TheBDA - your considerable efforts will be greatly appreciated at this very challenging time, especially for those of us who work in GDP who are becoming increasingly anxious about the implications of COVID-19 for our patients, staff & businesses" – Twitter

"Thank you @BDA for standing up for the profession in a great time of uncertainty." – Twitter

"@TheBDA thank you for fighting our corner. Government seems to have ‘forgotten’ about the dentists and its ancillary. We are closest to the threat than anyone! And yet we are still providing dentistry." #dontforgetdentistsTwitter 

"Today’s financial mitigation package is an absolute lifeline for a practice like mine. I just wanted to take the time to pass on my sincere thanks for the hard work that you and your colleagues must have done to get it across the line." 

"You do not know me, and we have never met… I have been a BDA member since I bought my practice in 2015 and have made use of the BDA advice etc to help me with the running of the business..

Obviously, normal life has changed dramatically over the last few weeks here and normal dentistry has disappeared overnight. I have been having awful conversations with my brilliant and loyal staff, discussing reduction in hours with a terrible atmosphere of doom and gloom in the air. I have not slept a wink this entire week wondering if I was going to lose my business and or my home.

I really appreciated the earlier emails and blog posts that you and the BDA have sent out as it has been the only sight that there may be light at the end of the tunnel.  

Today’s financial mitigation package is an absolute lifeline for a practice like mine. I just wanted to take the time to pass on my sincere thanks for the hard work that you and your colleagues must have done to get it across the line.    

When this Coronavirus situation has passed, my Practice and employees will still be in business thanks to the hard work of you and your team.  

It is very much appreciated.  With thanks."