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Working for you

As your professional body and trade union, our duty is to serve the needs of our members.

Member advice, support, and resources

We continue to provide the latest information for the profession across our channels as soon as we have it, and tailored advice for our members when they need it:


Wins for the profession

Over the last year, we've worked to secure the highest media and political profile for dentistry in a generation. We continue to speak out on the issues that matter to you, taking evidence from our members straight to UK parliaments and the press:


  • In response to securing such a large media and political profile, both candidates in the Conservative party leadership election cited dentistry as a key priority for their days in office

  • Off the back of our damning evidence, Parliament's Health Committee branded the NHS contract 'not fit for purpose'

  • In the last year, we stopped the planned £2,000 pay cut for foundation dentists twice, and made Westminster wake up to the problems at the GDC

  • We fought for reasonable restrictions and a gradual phasing down of dental amalgam –not a kneejerk ban. This is testament to a decade of persistent lobbying and efforts of dedicated colleagues

  • In Wales, we're currently monitoring the new HIW practice inspection process and are investigating "grey areas" of the current NHS contract. Members will be the first to hear about progress

  • In Northern Ireland, we recently heralded a major breakthrough for community dental services, as the Department of Health, Social Services and Public Safety (DHSSPSNI) agreed the basis for a new contract, with pay set to be backdated to April 2015

  • Working in partnership with the BBC, we exposed the depth of the current crisis in the largest survey of NHS access ever undertaken

  • We shone a light on the risks of dental tourism, and the impact on patients and the NHS

  • We revealed the unscrupulous food manufacturers marketing products containing more sugar than cola to the parents of toddlers

  • We lifted the lid on the wholesale inadequacy of the government's £50m quick fix on funding

  • With oral health inequality set to widen, we led the call on prevention and for needed action to tackle the COVID backlogs

  • We have and will continue to make moves towards NHS contractual change now in motion across the UK.

Our Impact report 2021-22

Your Feedback

We work hard to fight for the profession and welcome your support.


"I just want to say an enormous thankyou to the BDA, specifically Linda Dunlop and Chris Burns whose tireless efforts have helped me through an exceptionally difficult period. I've never experienced that feeling of complete helplessness before, I was so scared for my family, and they both came my rescue and carried me. I could not have been better supported, having them in my corner has meant the world. They are real life heroes. Thank you, for everything." – Trustpilot


"Huge congratulations on the BDA's activity and advice at the moment. Thank you. Very, very impressive."


"Respect to you guys for fighting the good fight. I stand with the BDA, proud member for 20+ years." – Twitter 


"Excellent service - I cannot praise high enough the service provided by Mr Michael Fenton.

His advisement was detailed, compassionate, no effort was spare to make complicated calculations easy to follow! Many thanks!" – Trustpilot


"Thank you, BDA. I haven't been a member for years, but I will be rejoining later today." – Twitter


"Well done @TheBDA - your considerable efforts will be greatly appreciated at this very challenging time, especially for those of us who work in GDP who are becoming increasingly anxious about the implications of COVID-19 for our patients, staff & businesses." – Twitter


"Thank you @BDA for standing up for the profession in a great time of uncertainty." – Twitter


"@TheBDA thank you for fighting our corner. Government seems to have 'forgotten' about the dentists and its ancillary. We are closest to the threat than anyone! And yet we are still providing dentistry." #dontforgetdentists – Twitter 

"Today's financial mitigation package is an absolute lifeline for a practice like mine. I just wanted to take the time to pass on my sincere thanks for the hard work that you and your colleagues must have done to get it across the line." 

"You do not know me, and we have never met… I have been a BDA member since I bought my practice in 2015 and have made use of the BDA advice etc to help me with the running of the business.


Obviously, normal life has changed dramatically over the last few weeks here and normal dentistry has disappeared overnight. I have been having awful conversations with my brilliant and loyal staff, discussing reduction in hours with a terrible atmosphere of doom and gloom in the air. I have not slept a wink this entire week wondering if I was going to lose my business and or my home.


I really appreciated the earlier emails and blog posts that you and the BDA have sent out as it has been the only sight that there may be light at the end of the tunnel.  


Today's financial mitigation package is an absolute lifeline for a practice like mine. I just wanted to take the time to pass on my sincere thanks for the hard work that you and your colleagues must have done to get it across the line.    


When this Coronavirus situation has passed, my Practice and employees will still be in business thanks to the hard work of you and your team.  


It is very much appreciated.  With thanks."

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