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​Dentistry in art

We have a varied collection of books portraying different images of dentistry in different ways.

This display highlights some of these. Click on the picture to view more.

The Museum also possesses a number of examples of dental art.


Interestingly, there are a number of Japanese art books in our collection.

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Italian/English book online

Art Duomo Global have produced a book highlighting artworks that illustrate diseases of the face, El Rostro Enfermo / The Diseased Face: 50 Universal Paintings To Understand Face and Neck's Conditions

Dental art in focus



Surgical and medical treatment in art

AEH Emery and MLH Emery
RSM Press, 2006



This is a compelling compilation of sixty-six paintings chosen by the authors to demonstrate the relationship between medicine and art from 1275 BCE to 2002 CE. Paintings are taken from all over the world and deal with all branches of medicine including dentistry some of which are no longer mainstream practice.

Each painting is accompanied by a potted biography of the artist and a commentary which places the painting in its context: sociological, medical and artistic.

The mediaeval representations of consultations between doctor and patient show just how much medicine has changed. In a wider sense, it is fascinating to see how work in dentistry and medicine has progressed over the years. It is also surprising to see just how atmospheric so many of the paintings are.

This book is available to borrow from the BDA library.


Open Wide! - a series of eighteenth and nineteenth century caricatures on dentistry

J Trevers and M Orskey
M & J Orskey, 2009

Before modern anaesthetics, going to the dentist was an excruciatingly painful undertaking. The unique combination of horror and humour in the situation of the dental patient lent itself to caricature, especially as it was an experience familiar to the majority.

This collection of prints gives a revealing insight into eighteenth and early nineteenth century life, showing the travelling tooth-drawer at the country fair, the blacksmith performing extractions in his forge, and the genteel London dentist catering to more affluent patients.

The common thread running through the series is the complex relationship between the dentist and his patient, composed of a mixture of pain and trust on the part of the patient, and varying degrees of concern and malevolence on that of the dentist.

This book is available to borrow from the BDA library.

"Dentistry in art" book lists

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Dental art package

In addition we have a package of articles entitled History of Dentistry: Dental art and literature.

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For more information on the history of dentistry have a look at our dental history section.