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Orthodontics through the ages


The new library display for June-September 2013 is all about the history of orthodontics.


We have a varied collection of books, packages and pamphlets that explore the development of orthodontics.

This display highlights some of these. Click on the picture to view more.

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If you are interested in more dental history then have a look at our history section.

Books in focus


Orthodontics: an historical review of its origin and evolution


Bernard Wolf Weinberger
CV Mosby St Louis, 1926



This two volume book is a work which represents an attempt to picture the various steps in the origin, evolution, and growth of our knowledge of orthodontics, from the time of Prehistoric Man until orthodontics became a specialty. It consists of 5 parts starting with The Origins of Dentistry in the Ancient Worlds. The fourth period consists of Early Orthodontia and the last period talks about Orthodontia, to its Culmination as a Specialty.

The purpose of this work is twofold:

  • to represent the history of orthodontics

  • as a bibliography of the important orthodontic literature during this period.

The author describes as far as he is able, the methods which were employed to advance the science of orthodontics, to gain genuine professional success, and to merit the enduring esteem of later generations of orthodontists.

His first paper on the History of Orthodontia was read at the Second Annual Meeting of the Eastern Association of Graduates of the Angle School of Orthodontia in 1911.

His second paper was read before their Fifth Annual Meeting in 1914.

He then went on to write a whole series of articles to be published in the International Journal of Orthodontia.

Weinberger believed that the knowledge of orthodontics which we require is such as can be acquired only by the fullest possible understanding of the true nature of every phase of the human type. As an aid to obtaining this necessary information, it is essential to have a clear outline of its history and literature, present evidence as to what constitutes orthodontics, and show by evidence how it came to be evolved.

An interesting article on "Orthodontic history and what it teaches" by Allan G Brodie which mentions Weinberger's book appeared in Angle Orthodontist in 1934.

This book is in two volumes and both are available to borrow from the BDA library.




A history of British Orthodontic Societies (1907-1994)


British Orthodontic Society, 2002


Published in 2002, this book briefly charts the emergence of orthodontics as a branch of dentistry, before dealing in detail with the formation and history of the original five British orthodontic societies:

  • British Society for the Study of Orthodontics

  • Consultant Orthodontics Group

  • British Association of Orthodontics

  • Community Orthodontics Group

  • Association of University Teachers of Orthodontics.

The story then continues as orthodontics is recognised as a specialism, and the societies move towards their unification as the British Orthodontic Society in 1994.

A short history of the British Orthodontic Society is available on their website.

This book is available to borrow from the BDA library.


"Orthodontic through the ages" book list

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