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Topic packages

Around 500 packages (folders) of articles are available for loan on a range of different dental subjects.

Each package is borrowed in the same way as a book:

posted out to members free of charge | loaned for one month

Link to a complete list of topic packages 

Virtual packages

We are creating a number of "virtual" packages for members whilst the library building remains closed.

To request one email and we will produce a virtual version of the hard copy package with links to articles online.

Current virtual titles:

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New titles

Vulnerable adults | Platelet-rich plasma | Sustainable dentistry

Orthodontics: hygiene | Pain: management | Pain: diagnosis

Virtual and augmented reality | Implants: hygiene   


Recently updated 

Anaesthesia: local | CAD/CAM | Immediately placed implants

Overdentures | Pulp testing | Maxillary sinus | Implants in orthodontics

Dental education | Implants: short, mini, micro | Lichen planus 

Restoration of endodontically treated teeth | Obesity | Zirconia 

Periodontal diseases: risk factors | Mouth protectors in sport


View titles by topic

Aesthetics [*]Anaesthesia/ sedationAudit/ research
Cancer, tumours and oral lesionsCaries  [*]Children's dentistry [**]
Conditions of mouth, face, jaw ​Crowns and restorationsDemographic groups
​Dental anatomy ​Dental educationDental materials
Dental professionals and auxiliaries ​Diet and nutritionEndodontics [*]
​Equipment and technology ​Fields of practiceFluoride
Geriatric dentistry [**]​​Health and safety History of dentistry
​​Holistic dentistryImplantology [*]​​Oral hygiene
​​Oral and maxilllofacial surgery [*]Orthodontics​​Patient psychology
Patient risk taking​PeriodonticsPharmacology
Photography, radiology/ imaging ​Practice management​Prosthodontics [*]
Special care [*]Sports and hobbiesSystemic disease
​​Trauma Miscellaneous

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*BDJ Collection available

** EBD Collection available