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Topic packages

Around 500 packages (folders) of articles are available for loan on a range of different dental subjects.

Each package is borrowed in the same way as a book. Posted out to members free of charge, loaned for one month.


List of packages 



Virtual packages

We are creating a number of "virtual" packages for members whilst the library building remains closed.

To request one email and we will produce a virtual version of the hard copy package with links to articles online.


Have you tried a virtual title? What did you think of it?




Audit and research

Blood disorders

Cancer, tumours and oral lesions


Children's dentistry

Conditions of mouth, face, jaw


Crowns and restorations

Demographic groups

Dental anatomy

Dental education

Dental materials

Dental professionals and auxiliaries

Diet and nutrition



Equipment and technology

Fields of practice

Health and safety

History of dentistry



Occupational health

Oral and maxillofacial surgery


Patient psychology

Patient risk taking



Photography, radiology and imaging

Practice management

Pregnant patients

Prosthetic dentistry

Special care dentistry

Sports and hobbies

Systemic diseases




View titles by topic

Aesthetics [*]Anaesthesia/ sedationAudit/ research
Cancer, tumours and oral lesionsCaries  [*]Children's dentistry [**]
Conditions of mouth, face, jaw ​Crowns and restorationsDemographic groups
​Dental anatomy ​Dental educationDental materials
Dental professionals and auxiliaries ​Diet and nutritionEndodontics [*]
​Equipment and technology ​Fields of practiceFluoride
Geriatric dentistry [**]​​Health and safety History of dentistry
​​Holistic dentistryImplantology [*]​​Oral hygiene
​​Oral and maxilllofacial surgery [*]Orthodontics​​Patient psychology
Patient risk taking​PeriodonticsPharmacology
Photography, radiology/ imaging ​Practice management​Prosthodontics [*]
Special care [*]Sports and hobbiesSystemic disease
​​Trauma Miscellaneous


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Email with your name, membership number, and the name of the package


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*BDJ Collection available

** EBD Collection available