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Kick sugar Digital workflow in reconstructive dentistry Ortho-perio patient Implant therapy Next-generation biomaterials for bone and periodontal regeneration


Kick sugar: reawaken your taste buds and boost your health

Kick sugar 

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"A diet high in sugar increases your risk of tooth decay, weight gain, heart disease, diabetes and certain cancers. It also won’t leave you feeling your best. Together with leading nutritionist Jenny Phillips and chefs Katie and Giancarlo Caldesi, dentist James Goolnik has put together a 14-day meal plan to help carefully reduce sugar intake. This is not a diet book, but a cookbook and a helpful guide created by professionals to help you regain control in a society where sugar is everywhere."

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The dental diet: the surprising link between your teeth, real food, and life-changing natural health (2nd edition)

Fat chance: the hidden truth about sugar, obesity and disease


​Digital workflow in reconstructive dentistry

Digital workflow in reconstructive dentistry

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"Digital Workflow in Reconstructive Dentistry aims to build a fundamental understanding of the general principles, science and clinics of digital dental medicine. The information provided summarises the various components of the digital workflow in reconstructive dentistry and discusses their advantages and disadvantages. Moreover, insights are provided about upcoming, game-changing technologies."

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Digital dentistry: a comprehensive reference and preview of the future 

ITI treatment guide, volume 11: digital workflows in implant dentistry


The ortho-perio patient: clinical evidence and therapeutic guidelines

Ortho-perio patient

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"Written by leading scholars in the field, this book provides a broad analysis of the topic from both the periodontal and orthodontic perspectives. The authors systematically analyze the scientific and clinical interactions of these specialties by reviewing all the available evidence and using case studies to demonstrate the principles discussed in theory."

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A dynamic relationship between orthodontics and periodontics

Contemporary orthodontics (6th edition)


Implant therapy - clinical approaches and evidence of success (2nd edition)

Implant therapy 2nd edition

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"It has become increasingly important for clinicians to have the proper guidance in both the identification of suitable patients and the clinical scenarios for the placement of dental implants. No longer is it sufficient for a dental implant simply to survive: to be successful, implants must be placed optimally to provide the proper aesthetics and function that last predictably over time. The appropriate training and treatment planning is critical [...]. This text will be a valuable asset to the student and clinician."

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Advances in esthetic implant dentistry

Decision making in dental implantology: atlas of surgical and restorative approaches


Next-generation biomaterials for bone and periodontal regeneration

Next generation biomaterials

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"New and innovative biomaterials are being discovered or created in laboratories at an unprecedented rate, but many of them remain entirely foreign to practising clinicians. This book addresses this gap in knowledge by summarizing some of the groundbreaking research performed to date on this topic and providing case examples of these biomaterials at work."

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Platelet rich fibrin in regenerative dentistry: biological background and clinical indications

Autologous blood concentrates

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