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New books

We are constantly expending our catalogue of books. See below the latest books and let us know which new titles you are interested in.


Essential endodontology: prevention and treatment of apical periodontitis (3rd edition)

Essential Endodontology

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"Essential Endodontology seeks to integrate basic, biological and microbiological knowledge of apical periodontitis with diagnostic and treatment practices. It focuses on the biology and clinical features of endodontology's most important disease in order to promote ever better approaches to its diagnosis, prevention and therapy. In addition to thorough updates and full colour illustrations throughout, a new chapter on regenerative endodontics has been added to this edition."

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The art and science of contemporary surgical endodontics

Endodontic-periodontal lesions - evidence-based multidisciplinary clinical management


​Periodontal root coverage: an evidence-based guide to prognosis and treatment

Periodontal root coverage

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"This book is an evidence-based guide to periodontal root coverage that provides up-to-date information on the etiology of gingival recession defects, prognostic factors relating to the defect, patient, or operator, and surgical techniques. The book will be of value to all who wish to improve their understanding of gingival recession defects and the techniques to achieve root coverage that offer the best long-term results."

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Newman and Carranza's clinical periodontology (13th edition)

Periodontology - the essentials (2nd edition)


LIT: the simple protocol for dental photography in the age of social media


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"This book breaks down the fundamentals of dental photography by outlining the key concepts, equipment, and lighting as well as by introducing "The Simple Protocol"-the basic day-to-day intraoral protocol that shows how easily clinical photography can be incorporated into the clinical workflow. That is where most photography books end, but this author also explores advanced techniques and demonstrates how to achieve some of the most characteristic looks in artistic dental photography. "

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Dental visualization: a practical approach to digital photography and workflow

Dental digital photography - from dental clinical photography to digital smile design


Full-arch implant rehabilitation

Full arch implant rehabilitation

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"The purpose of this book is to explain and illustrate how to treat the edentulous or nearly edentulous patient via a full-arch implant rehabilitation (FAIR) protocol. The text provides a clear, succinct, and authoritative guide to full-arch rehabilitation and as such is ideal for any clinicians incorporating or expanding full-arch restoration modalities into their practice. "

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Advances in esthetic implant dentistry

Decision making in dental implantology: atlas of surgical and restorative approaches


Case guides to complete and partial denture prosthodontics

Case guides to complete and partial denture prosthodontics

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"This comprehensive resource presents clinical challenges in stepwise increments, starting with a one-tooth partial denture and concluding with an implant-supported mandibular overdentures. By mastering less complicated prosthetics first, students are able to gain the necessary skills and confidence to manage more advanced cases."

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Complete denture prosthodontics: planning and decision-making

Kratochvil's fundamentals of removable partial dentures (ebook only)

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