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​Practice management and business

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Dental practice management | Business and general management | Dentists' health



Dental practice management

Basic guide to infection prevention and control in dentistry, 2nd edition (ProQ)

C.L. Pankhurst             
Wiley-Blackwell, 2017

Business of dentistry (Quintessentials 8) (ProQ)

R. Rattan et al
Quintessence, 2002


Dental law and ethics (3 concurrent users - ProQ)

P. Lambden (Ed)
Radcliffe Medical Press, 2002


Dental reception and supervisory management (2nd edition) (ProQ)

G. Bridges
Wiley, 2019

Dental team companion (Quintessentials 36) (ProQ)

M. Slater (Ed)
Quintessence, 2009

Infection control for the dental team (Quintessentials 39) (ProQ)

M. Martin
Quintessence, 2009

Infection control in primary dental care [BDJ Clinician's Guide] (ProQ)

M.R. Fulford et al
BDJ Springer, 2020​

[Verifiable CPD available]

Leadership and communication in dentistry (ProQ)

J.P. Graskemper
Wiley-Blackwell, 2019

​​ Managing a dental practice the Genghis Khan way (2nd edition) (1 concurrent user only - ProQ)

M.R. Young
CRC Press, 2016

Managing health and safety in the dental practice: a practical guide

J. Bonehill
Wiley-Blackwell, 2010

Medical and dental space planning: a comprehensive guide to design, equipment, and clinical procedures, 4th Edition (ProQ)

J. Malkin
Wiley-Blackwell, 2014

Physical evaluation in dental practice

G. T. Terezhalmy et al
Wiley-Blackwell, 2009

Quality matters: from clinical care to customer service (Quintessentials 31) (ProQ)

R. Rattan
Quintessence, 2007

Risk management in general dental practice (Quintessentials 13) (ProQ) 

R. Rattan et al
Quintessence, 2004



Business and general management

Art of communication: how to be authentic, lead others and create strong connections (ProQ)

Judy Apps
Capstone Wiley, 2019

Brilliant personal development - your essential guide to an all-round successful life

M. A. Eggert
Pearson, 2013

Brilliant marketing - what the best marketers know, do and say, 2nd edition

R. Hall
Pearson, 2012

Coaching for performance

J. Whitmore
Nicholas Brealey, 2009

Emotional intelligence coaching: improving performance for leaders, coaches and the individual

S. Neale et al
Kogan Page, 2009

Faster disaster recovery: the business owner's guide to developing a business continuity plan (ProQ)

J. H. Elder
Wiley, 2019​

How to get things done – without trying too hard, 2nd Edition

R. Templar
Prentice Hall, 2011

How to manage - the art of making things happen, 2nd Edition

J. Owen
Pearson Prentice Hall Business, 2009

Improving employee performance through workplace coaching: a practical guide to performance management

Earl Carter et al
Kogan Page, 2005

Stepping up - how to accelerate your ladership potential (ProQ - 2 concurrent users)

Sarah Wood et al
Pearson Education Ltd, 2018


Dentists' health

A Practical Guide to the Self-Management of Musculoskeletal Pain in Dental Professionals (ProQ - 3 concurrent users)

James Tang
Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2018


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