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Museum staff and volunteers

The BDA Museum is run by one staff member and a small group of volunteers.


Rachel Bairsto is Head of Museum Services and looks after the overall development of the Museum, fundraising, interpretation and enquiries about using the collections.


Contact Rachel on 020 7535 5832 or email rachel.bairsto@bda.org​


Dr Margaret Wilson is the Honorary Curator of the museum.

Honorary Curator


Eminent clinician and dental historian Dr Margaret Wilson is the Honorary Curator of the museum. 


She is also editor of Dental Historian, the journal of the Lindsay Society for the History of Dentistry.  


The role of Honorary Curator involves acting as an advocate of the museum, promoting its relevance and its services to the dental profession and general public, as well as conserving and displaying the heritage of the profession.



The museum team


The BDA Museum has a small but dedicated team of volunteers who make an invaluable contribution towards the preservation and interpretation of the collections.


Brian joined the museum volunteer team in 2013. He reflects on the variety of projects he has been involved in and encourages others to volunteer.


"As a volunteer you may be asked to date and explain the uses of an unrecognizable instrument, or confirm the authenticity of a 'waterloo' denture which, at best, couldn't be more than 90 years old, or identify a box of nefarious dental 'proddy things' which could only ever have been used to shoe horses! It's a bit like the Antiques Roadshow without the price tag at the end!


As a volunteer you may be asked to reply to an excited e-mail claiming someone's great-great grandfather was the 'operator for the teeth' for all the crown heads of Europe throughout the 18th century, and may have been on first name terms with Louis XIV!


Brian in the museum stores

As a volunteer you may research the family tree for a dental dynasty.


As a volunteer you could be the first person in a century to recognize and catalogue the latest acquisition.


As a volunteer you will help arrange new exhibitions.


As a volunteer you will show visitors how to extract teeth – 18th century fashion!


As a volunteer you will be joining a very welcoming group of people, supporting an historical collection of approximately 30,000 items and with immediate access to the largest dental reference library in Europe.It is a gold mine for research and responding to the myriad of questions sent our way. Be they scientific, curious, intriguing or occasionally bonkers. We aim to answer them all.


As a volunteer you will find every day different.


Being a Museum Volunteer throughout lockdown has been very frustrating! With no access

to the museum's collection or the reference library or face to face meetings with colleagues,

it has proved challenging to answer the many queries and requests still flooding into

the museum.

We continue to do our best and look forward to welcoming you back to the museum."


The museum welcomes new volunteers. Please note the museum is unable to take shorter term work experience type placements.


Interested in volunteering?


If you are interested in finding out more about volunteering at the museum please contact the Head of Museum Services on 020 7535 5832 or email museum@bda.org