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The museum has approximately 25,000 items in its care and still actively collects objects which reflect the development of the dental profession in the UK.

Full listing of items can be found on our catalogue.​



Anatomical models
Anatomical models were used for teaching purposes and for students to practise their manual dexterity

porcelain teeth ​Dental art
For centuries, the activities of dentists and the symptoms of tooth disease have been used as themes in works of art, drawings, cartoons, paintings, sculpture and woodcarvings
dental care toothbrushesDental care at home
Most people in the past have not had the knowledge we have today of the importance of good oral hygiene at home
pelican keys

Dental equipment
Dental equipment has varied over the years from the very basic to today’s ultra-sophisticated machines

morning brushing poster

Oral health promotion
Prior to the twentieth century, the idea of preventative dentistry didn't really exist. Since then individual dentists, dental manufacturing companies and later government organisations and public bodies have all become involved in promoting good oral health

vulcanite dentures

Teeth and dentures
We have a wide range of dentures alongside a small collection of natural dentition. In the past, as today, teeth have been valued by some for their aesthetic qualities as well as their functionality