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Selfie wall

Help us capture dentistry today for the future

The British Dental Museum is building an archive of images to record the changes in dentistry over the decades.




What we need

Take a picture in your practice and send it to us. It can be a picture of you on your own in your surgery or with your team. We do not need clinical photographs.

Send your photo

If you are including a patient in the picture please make sure that you have their permission for the photo to be added to our archive.


What will we do with your selfie?

We will add your picture to our growing archiving of dental surgeries through the decades.


Please support the BDA Museum

Please consider making a donation to the Gelbier Fund, which supports new BDA Museum acquisitions.


This will help us to continue to grow the collection and preserve dental history for generations to come.

Spread the word

Please help spread the word and ask colleagues, friends, or other interested parties, to take part!