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Associate dentists: have you been contacted by HMRC about your self-employment status?

14 November 2018
The BDA is aware that Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC), has been reviewing the self-employed status of dentists working as associates.

HMRC tax specialists got in touch with some associate dentists in March this year, asking them to attend a voluntary interview. 

We have now heard reports that HMRC has been writing to more associates, asking them to attend interviews.

What should you do if HMRC contacts you?

If you receive a letter from HMRC, we advise you to contact your accountant before responding. 
Please also let us know as soon as possible, so we can help advise you, please email us if you have been contacted by HMRC. 

What is the BDA doing?

The BDA and our specialist dental accountancy colleagues are satisfied that the vast majority of Dental Associates are correctly treated as being self-employed for tax purposes.

We have been working with dental accountancy colleagues to ensure that associates who choose to attend interviews with HMRC, have the opportunity to take advice from a specialist firm of dental accountants beforehand.  

We have also met HMRC and we are working to protect our members’ interests and the interests of the dental community.

We continue to monitor developments closely and advise members when we have more clarity around the scope of the HMRC process.

BDA advisory services

Our advisory services team offers advice to BDA members on a huge range of issues, such as employment law, health and safety, the NHS, business support and regulatory inspections. 

We provide a free contract-checking service for BDA members, who are working as associates.

We’ve recently updated our contract template to reflect feedback from members and developments in the law, see a summary of some of the key changes in our blog

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