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​Regulations for private dentistry in Wales: deadline reminder and BDA guidance

29 November 2017

We are advising members who are doing any private dentistry in Wales, to submit their completed application to Health Inspectorate Wales (HIW) by the end of December 2017, to ensure sufficient time for processing. 

We are concerned that HIW say it is likely to take them up to 16 weeks to process forms through the various stages. Applications must be sent to HIW before 31 March 2018, but we are urging dentists to submit applications as early as possible, to avoid any delays.

Changes made to the regulations in Wales mean that all practices which do any private care, must register with HIW, details are available on their website.


We have produced some new guidance to help you navigate the process:


What you need to know

HIW have said that all dental practices where any private dental care is provided, must apply for registration by 31 March 2018 and that dentists cannot continue private practice beyond this date, if the practice paperwork has not been processed. 

This is because by that date the individual registration of dentists will no longer be an acceptable alternative, and we want to make practices aware of this now. 

Requirements for registration of practices include having DBS certificates for practising staff. All practising dentists should already have a DBS check, but HIW will not accept a DBS certificate that is over three years old, so we urge you to check the currency of certificates.  


Please note that ALL staff in your practice (including non-clinical) must have a DBS certificate: non-clinical staff should get a normal DBS check, not an enhanced one.

DBS checks are processed by the UK Government, and may take several weeks to be completed. You cannot submit the HIW form without current DBS certificates.

The HIW application form includes a requirement for the nominated person in the practice to be the 'Registered Manager' and to provide details regarding their relevant experience and qualifications in management. Sole traders do need to have a Registered Manager.


Our BDA members' advice sheet covers all of these requirement in more detail.


Working for you

BDA Wales has been lobbying the Welsh Government to call for a reduction in red tape and bureaucracy, to make these processes less onerous for dentists.


BDA advisory services

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