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A guide to being greener in your dental practice: free webinar and tools

Blog Author Darshini Ramasubbu

Blog Date 04/02/2019



​What does being more 'sustainable in dentistry' mean in practice and how can dental teams go about ensuring their practice has less of an impact on the environment?

The Centre for Sustainable Healthcare has developed a free 'How To' Guide as a practical resource for dental staff wishing take action to make their practice more sustainable.

The NHS is committed to reduce its carbon footprint by 80% by 2050, a target set in the Climate Change Act, 2008.

Recent research by Duane et al (2017) illustrated that the carbon footprint of dentistry is different from other areas of healthcare, with travel being the largest contributor.

The guide is organised into Sections covering the different components of the carbon footprint and highlights actions that can save money, reduce carbon and are easy to implement: including travel, equipment and supplies, energy, waste, biodiversity and green space and measuring and embedding sustainability.

We are holding a free webinar (including one-hour of verifiable CPD) on 7 February at 7.30pm to launch this new guide, focusing on the topics of biodiversity, energy and green space.

Speakers will include Dr Brett Duane, Associate Professor in Dental Public Health at Trinity College Dublin, Dr Frances Mortimer, Medical Director of the Centre for Sustainable Healthcare and Dr Gavin Ballantyne, an ecologist and lecturer at Edinburgh Napier University.

Mr Miguel Colaço, Principal Dentist of Honeycomb Dental Clinic, will also share insights from his practical experience of introducing sustainable changes in a dental practice, ranging from solar panels to reducing waste, composting and creating a 'living roof.'

Please join us to find out more about this project and ask any questions you have.


You can also read more about our 4 principles of sustainable dentistry on our website.


Darshini Ramasubbu, CSH Sustainability Fellow



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