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BDA Branches and Sections: photography competition

Blog Author Digital Team

Blog Date 10/10/2018



We're looking for pictures to help show the depth and breadth of activities that our branches and sections, and young dentists groups get involved in, across the UK.

Enter our competition:

  1. Take some pictures at your next meeting

  2. Ask people for their consent using our form

  3. Send them to by 30 April 2019

  4. We'll then enter you into our draw to win prizes!

Photography for publications: top tips

We know many dentists are excellent photographers (especially at clinical photography), but here's some top tips when taking pictures at events:


  • Consider the light – pictures taken in conference rooms often are dark, have you got time to ask people to go outside or to room with natural light to get a picture? We often taken pictures of committees on the steps outside the BDA's office as it helps get a good shot.
  • Think about composition – try to get some pictures of people looking at the camera. Portraits are always good, but people are often more comfortable having picture taken as a group, ask them to pose.
  • No wine glasses! - Please avoid taking pictures of people drinking alcohol (when taken out of context, it just doesn't look good to a wider audience)


We advise that you tell people at the beginning of the meeting that you are going to be taking photos, and if anyone doesn't want to be photographed, to let you know.

The photos of any people that you'd like to send to us, please ask them to sign our consent form, to ensure they are happy for their images to be used in our publications and communications channels.



Leadership in dentistry

Leadership is a fundamental quality to the success of any organisation and career. As a dentist, you are practising leadership every day in the work that you do.

Whether it's owning and managing a practice, working with a dental nurse to treat a patient, promoting oral health, or taking action on the political front - we're celebrating dentistry's leaders and sharing ways you can get more involved in the profession.

Do you know someone who exhibits leadership that should be recognised? Let us know.