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Dentists’ pay and expenses - Who is getting what, and when?

Blog Author Eddie Crouch

Blog Date 15/08/2018


This summer the Review Body for Doctors' and Dentists' Remuneration (DDRB) finally released their recommendations to the national governments across the UK on the pay rises that dentists should receive.


Because of the delay to the process in 2017 with the general election and the pre-election period that created, their recommendations, which are usually expected in March, were delivered late into the current financial year. On 24 July the Westminster government announced how it would implement those recommendations for all the groups of doctors and dentists. Each national government will use the recommendations as part of a formula.


Surprisingly, and for the first time, many of the recommendations were staged, with some increases happening from April 2018, and backdated and some not starting until October 2018. As yet there is no news from the other three national governments on their approach.


What this means for the dental profession at large is a fair amount of confusion about what is happening. In England which elements will be paid and backdated to April, and which will be paid from October is still unclear. Our pay announcement table sets out the latest situation and BDA commentary for each field of dentistry in England. Across Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales, colleagues are waiting for any indication about what they will receive.


We expect the BDA to be consulted on the uplift in England. Until we see the exact nature of that consultation we do not know how you and your practices will be affected. The BDA offices in Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales continue to press their governments on a response.


Indicative figures show that what can be predicted is that there will not be a rise to the levels of remuneration seen ten years ago, but given the public sector pay cap has been removed, we are expecting a bigger rise than the 1.14% achieved in England. What is at stake is the sustainability of dental practice, and we will continue to lobby to ensure that the threats to the dental profession are made very clear to policy makers and those who hold the public purse strings.


Eddie Crouch

BDA Vice Chair


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