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Gearing up for LDC Conference 2018: Joe Hendron

Blog Author Joe Hendron

Blog Date 13/09/2017



I have found it a huge honour to have been elected to chair the 67th Annual Conference of

Local Dental Committees, and I look forward to welcoming you to the iconic Europa Hotel in

Belfast on Thursday 7 and Friday 8 June 2018.


Meet the cast: LDC Conference Agenda Committee 2018

The Agenda Committee have just met for the first time where we welcomed Vijay Sudra, Chair-Elect, and Stuart Allan, most recently elected committee member.


Vijay has been a very active delegate at Conference over the years and brings added enthusiasm and just a little youth to the committee.


Stuart has served on the committee before and brings a wealth of experience from his wide field of endeavours.


Long-standing LDC members, Tony Jacobs and Alison Lockyer, bring their wealth of experience and expertise to the organising committee, and Will Newport, Secretary of the London Federation of LDCs, will also be invaluable in ensuring a tight grip on the purse strings this year.


Learning from LDC Conference 2017

A huge load of thanks goes to Alisdair McKendrick, our outgoing Chair, who gave us a fantastic conference in June 2017. There were numerous debated motions, speakers who were relevant and informative, and a new 'Question Time'-style session which has been lauded highly in the feedback we have received.


I believe that he achieved what he set out to do in inviting speakers who look to the future of the profession and provision of dental care.


Missed LDC Conference 2017? Catch up online

The conference was recorded for the first time and edited into easily watched episodes. These can be viewed on the LDC website.


Please pass this information on to the dentists in your area – not only is it an excellent record of the proceedings but it is hopefully a tool which will help inform those who propose and also debate the motions for next year's event.


We all know how daunting it is to step up to the microphone as a first‐time speaker, but we really welcome income from newer members and we are keen to hear a wide range of views as possible.


Conference 2018 is coming…

I hope to continue in Alisdair's vein in 2018, and bring you a conference which will be relevant for all four nations of the United Kingdom and look to the future in the changing political landscapes we live in.


Contract Reform and the effect of devolution on dentistry and oral health are high on the challenges we are facing today, as well as the ability for our younger members to carry on the mantle of the dental profession.


joe-hendron-ldc-chair-2018-crop.jpgJoe Hendron,

LDC Conference Chair 2018


Joe Hendron was raised in Belfast and graduated from the University of Leeds in 1988. After a brief period of vocational training in Bradford, he took up an associate's position in Wakefield and, after a few years, bought the practice which has been providing NHS dental care ever since. In 2013, his practice embarked on the NHS dental pilots and later moved into the prototype process, as they believe that there must be a better and fairer way to deliver dental care in the 21st century than that currently being provided by the UDA.


LDC Conference 2018

Local Dental Committees (LDCs) represent the profession locally. They discuss service configuration and commissioning, NHS management of service providers, practice staffing, workforce planning, dental education and regulations and regulatory changes, all of which have a local impact, often in different ways in different areas.


LDC Conference 2018 is taking place in Belfast from 7-8 June 2018 at the Europa Hotel, Belfast. Please register your interest in attending and we'll alert you when the online booking opens.