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Is your LDC ready for change? Getting younger dentists involved

Blog Author Leah Farrell

Blog Date 12/09/2019


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Local Dental Committees (LDCs) are a crucial force for positive change in the profession – we need to ensure that younger dentists are getting involved and engaged in dental politics, and we’re asking for your help to ensure there is a brighter future for all dentists - please take a few minutes to fill out the survey we've emailed to you.

We know that the career pathways for younger dentists are changing – the traditional model of working as an associate and then moving up to own your own practice is in decline. 

The demographic of our profession is also changing – over half of the intake of students in dental school is now female, which will likely have an impact on the career paths dentists choose to take. 

LDCs need a wide a spectrum of the profession to stand up and have a voice as possible, that is why LDCs in 2019 voted to actively engage younger members of the profession in our representative work.

We want younger dentists to attend meetings, get informed, tell us their views, and ensure that together, we can make sure we have a workforce that has a prosperous and fulfilling career. 

LDC Conference 2019 passed a motion encouraging all LDCs to change their constitution to allow the co-option of two young dentists. 

This allows new people to join their LDC without having to worry about gathering votes and gives them a way of meeting colleagues, understanding the issues, and then work to get voted on to LDC as a full member the next voting round, if they wish. 

The new model LDC constitution can be found here

We want to find out what the current membership of LDCs around the UK is and ask you to fill in our short survey to help us get a picture of the membership now, and how we might be able to support you in the future too. If you haven't receive an email with a unique link to the survey and would like to respond, please get in touch.

Leah Farrell, LDC Conference Chair 2020