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Let's steer the future of dentistry: LDC Conference

Blog Author Vijay Sudra

Blog Date 13/07/2018



I hope you’ve all recovered from the whirlwind that was LDC Conference 2018 and that you enjoyed it. My sincere thanks to Joe Hendron for all of his hard work in the preparation and implementation of the Conference in Belfast.

Thanks to all those who gave us feedback– your comments help us to know what works and what doesn’t. Conference must be an engaging event, your feedback is very important and helps give direction to the agenda committee.

I am extremely honoured to be taking over the reins of Conference and working towards making 2019 every bit as good (hopefully!). If you missed the event, read the highlights here.


Why I offer 100% NHS dentistry

I’ve been working in general practice for over 25 years, and I’m passionate about the NHS and, despite the limitations of the 2006 contract, I continue to offer 100% NHS services to all my patients. I am the principal dentist at two practices in Birmingham. 

I’ve been actively involved in dental politics for a long time, I’ve been a member of the Birmingham LDC for the past 20 years and am past Chair and current Secretary of that LDC.

I sit on the General Dental Practice Committee as Chair of LDC Conference, and I take very seriously my role to support colleagues, as well as to be the voice of dentists in my area, and in the national arena. 

How is dentistry’s future looking?

The climate facing practitioners today has become increasingly pressurised and stressful. The Advancing Dental Care proposals, which appear to be eroding the core of what defines us as well-trained dental professionals, the long-awaited reform of the NHS dental contract, the impact of stress from chasing UDAs and increasing bureaucracy and the fear of overzealous litigation are just some of the concerns that worry me.  

Whilst I applaud the need for prevention, we must not lose sight of the fact that teeth still need ‘fixing’ too and GDPs must retain the ability to delivery appropriate care, unimpeded by fear of becoming an ‘outlier’ or because of diktat, often derived from questionable data.

This is why I get involved, to tackle these issues and ensure that dentistry continues to be a positive, happy and fulfilling career to work in. 

It is important not only for those of us practising today, but for future generations of dentists.  

Ultimately, we must not lose sight of our patients, they are the ones who will most benefit from any positive changes to dentists working lives.

I am sure all of these issues and more will feature at LDC Conference 2019 – if you have any suggestions or want to get more involved in the event, do get in touch.
Next year’s event will take place in early June in Birmingham and we’ll let you know when booking is open. 

Invite a younger colleague to your LDC

We’re very keen that younger dentists get involved and have their say too – please encourage your younger colleagues to come along to your next LDC meeting and welcome them, encourage them to sign up, and to help us steer the direction of dentistry towards a more positive future. 

Vijay Sudra, Chair
LDC Conference 2019 

What are Local Dental Committees?

Local Dental Committees (LDCs) represent the profession locally. They discuss service configuration and commissioning, NHS management of service providers, practice staffing, workforce planning, dental education and regulations and regulatory changes, all of which have a local impact, often in different ways, in different areas.