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Moving from DCT1 to DCT2: my journey

Blog Author Surina Bhola

Blog Date 28/09/2017


 As I, and many others like myself, come to the end of our DCT year, believe me, there’s a lot going through our minds! For example, did I learn as much as I thought I did? Why can I still not take teeth out properly? Am I ready to go into the big bad world of practice? Do I want to do another hospital year? How much am I really prepared to travel for work?

As my maxfax year draws to a close, I’d be lying if I said that I had achieved everything that I wanted to. I’ll let you in on a little secret – everyone is just as confused as you are! Sure, you’ll get colleagues who were born to be a maxfax consultant, or do smile design, or be an aesthetic dental GOD, but most of us, STILL don’t know what we want to do in our careers. I’m here to reassure you that IT IS OK.

For me personally, I move on to Bristol, to work in Special Care and maxfax in my DCT 2. A lot of my colleagues may feel, that after doing a year of maxfax, they’ve forgotten what a molar is, and will cry at the thought of picking up a handpiece. God knows I certainly feel that way!

But as you come to the end of your hospital year, reflection is so important. Regardless of whether you had a good or bad experience, what did you learn? What could you have improved on? Do you feel as if you took full advantage of the knowledge around you?

Regardless of whether you’re continuing in hospital, going to community, or in dental practice, it’s very important to ask yourself, did I achieve what I wanted to? If not, then maybe continue to seek what it is you’re looking for, whether that’s further experience in oral surgery, or in my case, pursue other endeavours, such as sedation and special care. There is no right pathway, it’s what you want from your career, at the end of the day. 

Being in hospital, you may feel that a lot of your colleagues are now in practice, and maybe that’s what you should be doing? Maybe, after spending a few years in practice, you’re wondering why you aren’t looking for a hospital post? The point I’m trying to make is, there is no right pathway, there is no right journey, and your career is what you make it!

My advice for anyone looking to do a DCT post, or even a DCT 2 post, is that make sure this is what you want, and make sure that you’re pursuing it for the right reasons. At some point in all our careers, we are going to have to “face the music”, i.e. be thrown into the deep end. If that’s what you’re scared of, then you best get over that fear. In my experience this year, I learnt the most from taking the initiative, and throwing myself into  clinical practice, regardless of how challenging I thought it was.

Remember, success is not built around comfort zones. Find your path, and if not, forge your own unique one!

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surina BholaSurina Bhola





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