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Museum volunteer honoured by the BDA: Joanna Breach

Blog Author Margaret Wilson

Blog Date 23/01/2020

Joanna-Breach-650px.jpgWe are thrilled that Joanna Breach is being honoured with a BDA Certificate of Merit for Services to the Association in the latest round of BDA Honours and Awards.

We nominated her in recognition of her contribution as a long-serving volunteer for the BDA Museum, where she’s been instrumental in building our record’s database, helping to preserve our important dental history. 


But Joanna has also had a truly inspiring career as a community dentist, and we are so pleased she is receiving recognition.

She’s had a lifelong commitment to the treatment of children and special needs patients in deprived inner-city areas, involving both hospital and community-based treatment. Her dedication to the profession of dentistry has involved research into the fluoridation of water supplies and the ethical issues surrounding HIV transmission to and from dental healthcare professionals.

Joanna started as a museum volunteer in 2002. For one day a week, for 17 years she has diligently entered object records into the museum database.
Her entry skills are meticulous, showing great attention to detail and she has added approximately 15,000 records – a massive proportion of the 20,000 total records in the database!

The accuracy of the information in our database underpins much of the Museum’s work and supports our Accreditation status. She’s also worked tirelessly on our dental thesaurus, which has been used by other dental collections around the world.

As a much-valued member of the volunteer museum team, Joanna has made an immense contribution both to the growth in the professionalisation of the museum and to its worldwide reputation.

We look forward to celebrating with Joanna at the Honours and Awards ceremony in April.

We are also always on the lookout for more volunteers to help us in the Museum, if you are interested in joining us, please do get in touch.

Nominations for this year’s round of Honours and Awards are now open, please nominate someone you think deserves recognition for what they do, closing date is 31 May 2020.

Margaret Wilson, Honorary Curator BDA Museum

BDA Museum

The BDA Museum has one of the largest collections of dental heritage in the UK. Spanning the 17th to the present day, highlights of the collection include dental chairs, drills, oral hygiene products, and the infamous ‘Waterloo’ teeth. 

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