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Proud to be part of the profession

Blog Author Mark Woodger

Blog Date 08/08/2017

​I’m a partner in an NHS dental practice and I’m also secretary of my Local Dental Committee (LDC). My day job is heading up a team, running a busy NHS dental practice with three dentists and two therapists.

In addition to working at the practice, I engage with NHS England to help improve services across the area. As an LDC secretary, my role is to support local practitioners by organising events, offering advice and be an important ‘listening ear’.

Dentistry can be an isolating and stressful profession, and coming along to LDC meetings, or other professional events, is a great way of keeping perspective and meeting people who share your concerns.

It helps to know that you aren’t alone, and that other dentists are facing the same issues and frustrations as you are, and that we are responding constructively to improve lives of colleagues and patients alike.

I’m a technology enthusiast and am always looking at new ways technology can benefit patient experience.

Dentistry is full of caring, kind, altruistic people. 

I am proud to be part of this profession, delivering top-quality care to some of the most vulnerable in society, making a real difference to their lives.

Mark Woodger square.pngMark Woodger

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