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Revenue Grant Scheme (RGS): How does it work and how can I claim

Blog Author Grainne Magee

Blog Date 26/02/2018

BDA Northern Ireland has welcomed the establishment of a revenue grant scheme to help GDS practices meet current and impending patient care, quality, and safety standards as well as modernising practice ICT.


Where does the funding come from?

The funding for this £1million one off, non-recurrent Health and Social Care Board (HSCB) Revenue Grant Scheme comes from the projected underspend in the 2017-18 GDS budget and must be utilised by the 31 March 2018.  


Who can claim a grant?

Eligible GDS dental practices will have received a letter from the HSCB with details of their practice grant allocation.


What is my practice grant allocation?

The HSCB has calculated each practice grant on a capitation formula based on the available funding and the number of GDS-registered patients in a practice at 31 January 2018. 


For high street specialist oral surgery and orthodontic practices, the HSCB will use a similar formula to the one applied to clinical waste payments to determine their potential grant.


How the scheme works

Grants will be made at the practice level and will be paid, at the HSCB discretion, to practices towards the cost of improving their delivery of General Dental Services.


The areas of expenditure that have been identified as suitable for funding, and must have been completed in this grant scheme year (1 April 2017 to 31 March 2018). 


How to make a claim

Applications for grants should be made by practices to the HSCB using the application form you will have received in the post, along with the appropriate receipted invoices (dated within financial year 2017/18) and must be with the HSCB no later than 30 April 2018.


You can submit a claim for an existing purchase or make a new purchase, provided this complies with the list of areas outlined as suitable for funding (see the list of areas here). 


  • For an existing purchase – practices will be able to submit paid receipts for appropriate equipment which has been purchased at any point in the 2017/18 financial year. Email the invoice/receipt to your local Directorate of Integrated Care Office (see contacts below) along with a completed application form as soon as possible.
  • For a prospective purchase – if your proposed purchase complies with the list of areas outlined as suitable for funding, purchase the goods and email the receipt/invoice to your local Directorate of Integrated Care Office (see contacts below) along with a completed application form before 30 April 2018.

Only receipts dated for the current financial year willbe considered.


If your purchase(s) meets the criteria, the HSCB will instruct the Business Services Organisation (BSO) to reimburse you up to your maximum practice allocation or the sum of your accepted receipt(s) (whichever is the lesser amount).

Who can I contact for help?

To discuss your application, grant options or any queries related to the HSCB revenue grant scheme, contact your local Directorate of Integrated Care Office at the HSCB. 


For general queries about the scheme email:

Want more support?

BDA Extra and Expert members can access to one-to-one advice from our experienced dental advisers.  


Grainne Magee

Senior Policy Officer, BDA Northern Ireland

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