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Scotland dentists: pay uplift 2018

Blog Author Phil Grigor

Blog Date 26/07/2018

​After a long wait, the pay review body has finally published its report on dentists pay.


This doesn't mean our uplift is assured yet though.

Government in England has announced that their GDPs pay will be uplifted by the two per cent from 1 October (and expenses will be increased by three per cent backdated to 1 April 2018) and salaried dentists pay will be uplifted by two per cent from 1 October also. 

The report has been given to Scottish Government and now it's a waiting game.

We have written to Scottish Government to ask it to clarify, without further delays, how it will use the report's recommendations to increase pay for Scotland's dentists.

We have asked for an uplift for dentists in Scotland that at least approaches nine per cent over three-years, to be on a par with the increase recently awarded to Agenda for Change staff.

The issue of falling morale for dentists in Scotland cannot be pushed aside, and the growing problems with recruitment and retention cannot continue to be ignored. 

The uncertainty for those working on the frontline cannot continue without causing far-reaching consequences for the future of the dental profession, and the likely negative impact on patient care. 

We'll keep making that case on your behalf and we hope to have some 'good' news soon.  

Phil Grigor, BDA Scotland Director


BDA Scotland

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