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Taking dentistry in Wales forward

Blog Author Tom Bysouth

Blog Date 17/04/2019

You may have seen on my last blog reporting on the oral evidence colleagues and I presented to the pay review body (DDRB). There have been other developments in dentistry in Wales in recent months, and our job is to ensure your voices are heard. 

Every month, Colette Bridgman, Chief Dental Officer, Andrew Powell – Chandler, Head of Dental Branch at Welsh Government, Caroline Seddon, BDA Wales Director, and I, join a teleconference to talk through and discuss the issues facing the dental profession. This is a vital channel of communication and gives us an opportunity to put your views across.

Those who attended the 2nd Dental Symposium at the Principality Stadium in March 2019 will have had the chance to look through the expectations going forward within the contract reform process.

While we welcome the promised UDA rise to £25 for those in the reform process we want to work with Welsh Government and the Local Health Boards to ensure that the many expectations don't become onerous, and practices aren't left juggling multiple targets.

For those of you with good memories you may recall that in September 2018, I gave oral evidence to support the BDA's written evidence at the Dentistry Inquiry held by the Senedd's Health and Social Care committee, using the comments you made in response to our survey.

We all would have hoped a report would be in the public domain by now but we understand it will be sometime after Easter before something tangible is with us.

Let's hope they listened to the messages we gave and produce something that is truly more than words.

I am coming up to half way through my current tenure as chair of Welsh GDPC. The next elections will be in late 2020, and we encourage you to take part in some way.

Please consider if you'd be willing to stand for office – your skills and experience could be an asset to our committees and you can help to steer the direction of our profession, get in touch if you'd like to know more. 

Tom Bysouth, Chair
Welsh General Dental Practice Committee

BDA Wales

BDA Wales campaigns for the interests of all dentists working in Wales. With our elected committee members, we negotiate on behalf of the profession on terms and conditions, pay and contracts: join us.