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'Communication' Blog Posts

  • Prosthodontics: advice on the risks associated

    Good communication is key when it comes to understanding your patients expectations when fitting a new set of removeable prothodontics.

    Blog Date 14 August, 2019

  • Managing problems at work: have you tried mediation?

    If you are experiencing issues with staff at work, before escalating it to the level of getting expensive legal representation involved, consider trying our mediation service first – it's free, and it could help you to resolve problems, before things deteriorate, saving you time and money.

    Blog Date 9 October, 2018

  • Extracting a laugh: dental cartoons

    In a new exhibition London’s leading political cartoon gallery is tackling dentistry. And we can take pride in the fact that dentists and dentistry do actually lend themselves to comedy.

    Blog Date 13 September, 2018

  • Dental practices can take advantage of social media – here's why and how

    Have you thought about using social media to help promote your dental practice? If not, here's why you should seriously consider it and some top tips on how to start to build your presence online.

    Blog Date 30 August, 2018

  • Myth-busting about natal teeth: dental anxiety and good oral health

    Charlotte Waite explains why and how babies born with natal teeth can be treated and seeks to reassure parents and carers that their baby will feel no pain if the tooth needs to be removed.

    Blog Date 9 August, 2018

  • Three top tips for holding a dental practice open day

    Hosting an open day at your dental practice not only promotes your business to potential patients, but it creates a strong bond with existing clients. Here's three top tips on throwing a great open day for patients, and helping to build your business!

    Blog Date 12 July, 2018

  • Five tips for five years at dental school

    Dental school is like a roller coaster ride. You spend ages waiting in line to get a seat and as soon as the ride starts there are highs and lows and some unexpected turns along the way. Here's one fifth year students guide to getting through it!

    Blog Date 10 July, 2018

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