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'Dental anxiety' Blog Posts

  • Understanding why patients won't attend the dentist

    Rebecca Harris from Liverpool University has been doing some research into the reasons why patients don't attend and has produced a toolkit to help encourage dental visits - she's sharing the findings at a free event in February.

    Blog Date 15 January, 2020

  • BDA Museum: highlights of 2018

    BDA Museum Head, Rachel Bairsto, takes a look back as some of the Museum's highlights during 2018 and what's coming up for 2019.

    Blog Date 10 January, 2019

  • Myth-busting about natal teeth: dental anxiety and good oral health

    Charlotte Waite explains why and how babies born with natal teeth can be treated and seeks to reassure parents and carers that their baby will feel no pain if the tooth needs to be removed.

    Blog Date 9 August, 2018

  • Paracetamol overdoses for dental pain: why do patients avoid seeking care?

    Some recent research shows self-medication for dental pain with paracetamol is a significant cause of accidental overdose and potential liver failure. Charlotte Currie looks at the evidence and highlights some useful resources for dentists to use to be aware of the problem.

    Blog Date 21 May, 2018

  • Why do dental patients overdose on painkillers?

    Charlotte Currie, Clinical Fellow in Oral Surgery, takes a look at the current evidence on why patients often resort to self-medication with painkillers, and encourages dentists to be on the look-out for patients who might be at serious risk of overdose.

    Blog Date 25 July, 2017

  • Toothache piling the pressure on A&E

    Have you ever wondered how many patients are heading to A&E with dental problems? Well it turns out Health Ministers are not the ones to ask.

    Blog Date 6 January, 2017

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