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​GDC re-registration period for DCPs begins today

16 June 2017

The window for dental care professionals (DCPs) to renew their registration with the GDC is now open.

Members are advised to remind their staff of the obligation to re-register before the 31 July deadline. If registration is not renewed, their name will be taken off the register and they will no longer be able to work legally until they have restored the registration, which is a longer and more cumbersome process.

As part of the renewal, DCPs will be asked to declare that they have appropriate indemnity cover. This declaration is a legal requirement for all registrants.

There is no need to send any indemnity paperwork to the GDC at the time of renewal. Employers who cover their dental nurses through their own indemnity cover need to explain the level of the cover provided to their staff so they are assured that they have appropriate cover for the work they carry out. If the GDC has additional questions about the cover, employers may subsequently need to provide a letter confirming the arrangements.

More information on the indemnity declaration is available from the GDC website.

DCPs who registered between 1 August 2011 and 31 July 2012 will also be required this year to finalise their declaration of compliance with their CPD requirements as their five-year CPD cycle will come to an end.