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​CQC to maintain fee level for 2020-21

18 November 2019 


The Care Quality Commission (CQC) has now confirmed to  dental practices that their fees will remain the same for 2020/21, following a significant rise in 2019/20.


The regulator has been on a trajectory to full cost recovery since 2015, meaning that, in line with Government policy, they now recover all of their costs for their chargeable activities, such as registration and inspection, through fees collected from providers.


However, the BDA is not convinced that the current system of fees is fair. We criticised the rise in 2019/20 noting that dental practices present a low risk to patient safety when compared with other sectors, and questioning why corporates will continue to pay proportionally less per surgery than the average high street provider.


We will be renewing talks with the CQC on the matter in the forthcoming months.


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