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​EpiPen supply disruption - Practices urged to renew anaphylaxis kits with adrenaline ampoules not AAIs

29 October 2018


The Chief Dental Officer for England has written to dentists in response to the disruption in the supply of EpiPen® and EpiPen Junior® adrenaline auto-injectors (AAIs).


Practices are requested that, when they renew the adrenaline in their anaphylaxis kits they order ampoules, ensuring this includes dosing charts, needles and syringes, and not AAIs. This will reduce the reliance on AAIs and preserve essential EpiPen stocks for patients, parents, carers, teachers, who as lay persons cannot be expected to administer adrenaline via a needle and syringe.


Supplies of adrenaline ampoules are currently available and there is an expectation that dental practitioners should use these in preference to the EpiPen or similar devices.


The Green Book and Resus Council guidance provides additional advice to healthcare professionals on the use of adrenaline in response to anaphylaxis.


All enquiries relating to this issue should be sent to the DH Supply Resilience Team at


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