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​Finest Dental going into liquidation

19 February 2020 


The Finest Dental chain of dental practices has announced that they will be seeking liquidation and most likely cease trading. At present it is understood that their practices are closed leaving patients and the associate dentists and other staff who worked at those practices in an uncertain situation. 


For patients affected the company has posted a message with advice on its website.


Summary of current position for dentists who have been working at Finest Dental

Finest Dental, which is the trading name of B&A Group group of companies (the main companies we understand are B&A Group, company number 08432871 and B&A Group Franchise Services Limited, company number 12178486 and there are a further 14 subsidiaries, each for a particular practice location) has placed itself into liquidation. An administrator (Insolvency Practitioner) Carter Clark has been appointed for the B&A Group company that dealt with Finest Dental's staff and costs, we understand that this is B&A Group, company number 08432871 (the administrators may seek to sell or wind-up the individual practice companies when the deal with each individual practice). Carter Clark can be contacted on 0845 686 0100, 020 8524 1447, or


The insolvency process will probably involve the administrator finding out who all the creditors are (this will include associates and patients who have made payments) and how much each person is owed. The administrators will then collect up or sell all the business's assets and use the funds to pay the creditors. However, with insolvent companies it is likely that there will not be enough money to pay all creditors in full.


Finest Dental's former associates will need to contact Carter Clark to tell them how much you are owed. Make sure you have copies of your associate contracts and details of your fees earned ready, to give to them.


There is a set order in which creditors are paid, as an associate it is likely that you will be lower down this list as an unsecured creditor. As such it could be that the proportion of what you are owed that you will receive from the administrator could be low. However, discuss your status with the administrator to see whether you could count as a preferential creditor (employees can be preferential creditors but self-employed associates may not be accepted as preferential creditors).


In terms of incomplete patient treatments that you may have been handling your obligations are to take reasonable steps to ensure that the patients can receive continuing care. At present we understand Finest Dental's practices are closed and so you are prevented from completing treatment – the BDA Indemnity team advise that the company would be responsible for making appropriate arrangements. You should ask Carter Clark what arrangements are being made for completing open courses of treatment and patients who may be in need of emergency treatment. Ask if the arrangements can be placed on the Finest Dental website and even on the doors of the practice so patients know where they can go for assistance. Once an administrator has been appointed you should also ask them about the arrangements being made for completing open courses of treatment and emergency treatment. Again, ask that these arrangements be advertised on the doors of the various practices at the least.


In the meantime, should you be contacted by a patient of Finest Dental, explain that the practices have been closed due to factors beyond your control, reassure them that you are seeking urgent answers on how their care can be completed. If any patient is in pain or distress advise them that emergency care to maintain their general oral health can be accessed through local NHS Area Team services and NHS 111 and provide them with contact details. You should also liaise with your indemnity provider so that they are aware of your situation and hopefully assist you during this process.  


The BDA is seeking further clarification. We will update you once we have any further details, including the name of the administrator.


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